Saturday, November 10

The Philadelphia Expreriments.

COY Awardee Sam Michell dug into his bags of (mixed) tricks to bring life into the struggling Raptors last night against the 75ers and escaped with a win ala Houdini (105-103) . He placed back Rasho Nestorovich in the starting 5 in place of 2nd year man Andrea Bargnani (old trick) and gave rookie Janario Moon minutes (new trick) . The 1st experiment bombed. Rasho is as mediocre as always while Bargnani's effectivity went down further . Bargs' efficiency rating in last night's game was -2 ( 9 pts./2 reb./2 ass) . One wonders how this move will affect Andrea in the long run. Can he handle the divorce from Bosh in the starting unit ? Look at the pic at the right how they share everything ! Well , there is always hitting the wall as a built in excuse. One cager still far from hitting the rookie wall is the baller often compared to Bargs , the Bucks' Yi. Although Yi's team hit a different kind of wall . The Great Wall Of China , Yao Ming . The Rockets beat the Bucks before 250 millions TV viewers in China !
The Janario Moon experiment last night has a better result. The 27 year old rookie registered 9 p/6 r/2 a in 22 mins for a +4 eff. rating. Way better than $24 mil man Kapono's - 4 rating in 19 mins. of play. I like this rating system that the NBA has adopted this year. If only the rating system's effects can be felt immedately by the players ,the NBA will be a much better league. I mean , treat the rating system just like the annual performance rating system that is applied to ordinary workers. If an employee has a shitty year - performance wise - he/she is given zero or minimal increase. Even be terminated from work.That way , players will do their best year after year and not only during his contraCt year ! Alas , as the Great Gatzby said ' the rich (athletes) are different from you and me '. To which the once great Garbo (Jorge) replied after another DNP-CD ' the playing Raptors are different from a benchwarmer like me '

Garbo : Maybe I will switch to bullfighting next year,amigo !
Bull : Ok. I'll take up basketball,amigo.That's no bullshit !


Anonymous know it all said...

Kapono in place of Garbajosa at small forward position is not really working.Sam will change it next but I doubt he will return Garbo at the starting line up.

2:42 PM  

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