Sunday, November 4

Today's Preview : Raps Vs. Cs . R-E-S-P-E-C-T Game.

Dear Coach ,

This afternoon game is important. It's a game of respect with a capital letters. For the Raptors, they consider this game important to gain the much needed respect denied them by sportswriters , players and fans outside Toronto. Imagine being ranked behind the Celtics and the Nets this season despite being the reigning Atlantic Division champions ! ' We are going to show them what we realy are ' coach Sam Mitchell must have said to his men. And how his team shredded the Nets this Wenesday. To the Nets , Ass Wednesday , err I mean, Ash Wednesday came early . New Jersey has its ass kicked ! Next will be the Celtics . By 5:00 this afternoon , the Cs will cease to exist !
Respect is also in the mind of Boston. ' We are nothing ' said main man Kevin Garnett . KG said until they begin winning , they are - KG , Ray Allen and Paul Pierce - just 3 All Stars without a ring to show. Winning the NBA crown will enable them all to gain the respect afforded only the likes of Tim Duncan , D Wade , Kobe . Winning this early and against the AD champs is the 1st step towards respectability .
Here is what I think will happen . Both teams will gain respect after the game. The young Raps will beat the old Celtics . The 20's Bosh , Bargnani , Ford and Co. will beat the 30 something trio of KG, Allen and the Truth. That's the truth , coach . The Raps will give the old men the respect their ages deserve !

Respectfully Yours ,

Assistant Coach


Anonymous celticsfan said...

Well, coach...another prediction failure...are you starting to feel like Gilbert Arenas yet? While obviously the C's are the media darlings right now, the trendy pick, and the bandwagon du jour, those that have them going to the Finals or even the Conference Finals have been into the green Kool-Aid too much. Possibly next year but 2008? I'm as biased as the next (true) Boston fan but would be floored if they could pull it together that quickly. This is the same team with Doc Rivers at the helm, remember. That said, there are a lot of critics who won't give them their due...usually relying on one of three ridiculous reasons:

1) PG Rajon Rondo can't lead the team. Ridiculous. You've got 3 All-Stars that have for most of their careers gone without a "good" point guard (Sam Cassell notwithstanding) and still averaged 20+ points a season. Like Kobe...KG, Ray ray, and P-Dub can manufacture their own shots. And like average PG (see Smush Parker last season) is all he needs. And if you consider LeBron...well, King James made the Finals WITHOUT a PG (sorry Boobie). Plus,KG plays the high post and elbow so well that guards really don't even need an entry pass or penetration to get him the ball. So please spare me the PG excuse.
2) Chemistry issues/ Who is the first option? Ridiculous. Anybody that has followed these guys KNOWS this is a non issue. Egos will not be a problem as the bigger picture of winning will prevail. Losing has that effect on players especially veterans. And the beauty of it all is that it really doesn't matter who steps up each night...someone will. If it was the Ticket in the homeopener or Jesus today in really doesn't matter. Pierce was just as jubilant collecting his 13 points while Allen went lights out for 33.
3) And the last excuse is depth. A little ridiculous. I wasn't concerned as others were with this issue but recognize it is really tough to argue without any history. But if you look at Eddie House and James Posey's contributions from the bench today...I think the depth issue just may be a non-issue. At least for the Eastern Conference.

So for all the Raps fans who feel they aren't getting any respect in the East or NBA...quit whining...nobody forgot how you went one and done in the playoffs! And now it's a brand new conference. So man up and prove your status. Cuz the C's just showed you how a savvy, experienced team does it when they got something to prove.

2:14 AM  
Anonymous know it all said...

The Raptors lost the game but will win the war.They shot poorly and still the Raps managed to extend the game and lost it by 3 points only.Wait until CB4 is 100% healthy and Bargs' 3 pt. shooting is back to normal.See u next game.

9:42 AM  
Blogger john said...

Toronto lost but my Knicks won.The Atlantic Division is very competitive this year.Even Philly is in the mix.The 76ers gave the Nets a run for their money.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous t-p-m said...

what about Garbajosa ?
Why he didnĀ“t play?

2:34 PM  
Blogger coach said...

celticsfan- naah.i'm not impressed with the celtics' win yesterday.rondo was exposed badly by tj ford as a novato.even your tom heinhson was all over rondo on the air was an exciting game at least . like a playoff game.thanks.

kia - bargs pick a wrong game to be off.the game was tailor made for 3 pt. shooters. the celts' perimeter defense was poor.anyho, better luck next time.

john - i agree. the 76ers are surprisingly good .... and exciting.dalembert's missed free throws doomed the sixers vs.the nets.

t-p-m : actually , garbo played a few mins yesterday making 1 basket. i suspect , colangelo is punishing him for playing last summer (in the fiba tourney) despite the team doctor's advice . sam said he plays every raptor as he sees fit . bullshit.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Darren said...

P.S: I like the Celts reserve frontline of Brian Scalabrine and Scot Pollard, considering how well Lil' DUnleay is doing right now, it could be the renaissance for white big men.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

Bosh was outplayed badly by KG.Sam should have played Nestorovich more against Garnett.Rasho knows his game.

8:50 AM  

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