Friday, November 2

Tonight's Preview : Game 7 Of The Raptors Vs. Nets Series !

If Jose Calderon was able to deliver the pass that Richard Jefferson stole in game 6 last season , the game tonight would have been played earlier. That pass , intended for Chris Bosh , was just a microinch too low. So instead, the Nets moved on to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2nd round of the 2007 playoffs. The Raptors could had been contenders last season . Instead , there were bartenders last summer . Jose could have been the chief architect of the Raptors' march to the NBA Finals . Instead , he was the chief organizer of a bartenders' march to the streets of Madrid to protest the shortage of Tequila (see photo on the right). Now you earthlings understand why the game tonight is a much anticipated one in Raptorland . More anticipated than Derrick Martin's retirement from playing in the NBA . Anyway , I will watch out for the following :

1. Chris Bosh's minutes and performance . Maybe CB4 can play longer than the minutes (20 mins) he logged in the season opener last Wednesday . The question is , can he play betterer without Mickey More guarding and Tony Soprano watching him ? Expect Jason Collins and Josh Boone to guard Bosh . If Boone is ineffective , Jamal Magliore will attach his body to Bosh all night they will be mistaken for a conjoined twins !

2. Will the Raps roughouse VC finally ? The folks at Raptors TV said yesterday that Sam's men need to 'play Vince tough this time' Or is it rough ? . The 2 stooges said it's up to the players not the coach to be more physical to VC . If this fail , Sam then can be more spiritual to Vince ! Lord, make Vince miss his shots please !

3. Wiil about to turn to dust Darryl Armstrong, at 40 years old, be able to help the near 40 years old Jason Kidd in containing the duo of TJ Ford and Jose Calderon ? Naaah . The baller nicknamed the energizer bunny will need the equivalent of electronic Viagra to be able to help Kidd abuse women and catch up with the Raps' dynamic duo .

Here are what I think will happen tonight . Richard Jefferson will kill the Raps tonight and only the excellent guard play by TJ and Jose will give Toronto a fighting chance ! Andrea Bargnani will be euthanized , err ...I mean...neutralized especially that Bosh will be ineffective (again) in the middle.

Conjoined Twins : You can do it Jamal.
It's as easy as reading a book !


Anonymous Raps Fan said...

i think it is going to be ugly tonight. jersey impressively beat the bulls on opening night, and the nets are a bad matchup for the raps.

luckily moore isnt there anymore to piss on bosh.

carter will drop 36.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Alex B. said...

I love your blog funny as hell I am adding your link to my blog

i hope you return the favor

thanks man

1:45 PM  
Anonymous celticsfan said...

Well RJ did light up the Raps tonight...thought Kapono could've done a better job. But you underestimated Andrea and Bosh. The Jersey series last year was less about their lack of capabilities then their lack of playoff experience. They were shook, plain and simple and they did the baller thing to do tonight and slapped the Nets with their pimp hand. Once again AB taking on a good portion of the offensive load. I see him playing tougher down low and so far (yeah I know, two games in) his rebounds are up. How many more of these 20-point efforts before teams start respecting his range or double teaming him? The Raptor's offence will be potent this year so haters stand up now and get your digs in.

We'll see how they hold up on Sunday...see y'all at the game! I'll be the one cheering both sides.

11:19 PM  
Blogger coach said...

raps fan - wow ! the raps played last night as if it's the playoffs.they consider this a statement game alright !

alex b. - being a long time celtics fan b4 moving to TO.,the linking is it is > welcome .thanks.

csfan - what a major whipping they gave the nets. almost every1 played well.
what a game it will be 'tis sunday bet.2 blowout winners's a sold out game here and it will be carried on tv nationally in canada via cbc for the 1st time in a long ,long while !

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the nets now hater ?

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calderon and Garbajosa the best of the world ! Spanish conection!!!
Cris Bosh 20-10
Fuck Nets!!!
TJ will down

2:02 PM  
Blogger coach said...

aon - I hate the Raps ..... when they play crappy ball ! They played alright vs. the Nets.

bsg - don't forget the italian and argentinian connections !

2:58 PM  

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