Tuesday, November 6

Crack Is Showing And It's Not Sam's .

It was a real shock that the normally quiet Raptor named Jorge Garbajosa complaining that he does'nt get the playing time like he got last season. ' I'm healthy and I'm ready ' said Garbo to Steve Buffery of the Sun.You wonder if Garbo and Steve did this interview over bottles of cervesa in a dimly lighted bar somewhere in TO. How come no other sportswriters were able to get this scoop. It's huge for numerous reasons. First, it proves that Jorge is not Djanggo or some a monosylabic hombre from a Clint Eastwood's spaghetti western. Second , that Garbo loves the game of basketball eventhough is his native country he is called the porno king (no kidding). I wonder if the photo at right was taken from one of his x rated movies ? And lastly and more significantly, that the Raptors' vaunted team chemistry is a chemical lovefest after all . Cracks are starting to show. Somehow , a team that mimicks Pres. Bush's Iraq coalition will eventually disintegrate. Let's see. Spain was the 1st to abandon the so called coalition of the willing. Don't be surprised if Garbo will ask for a trade if his situ does not improve. The Lakers will be a good destination for him . Jorge can perform the same role as Canadian and ex Laker Rick Fox. Phil Jackson loves big , tall guards who can perform many roles. Then , the Brits will go out of Iraq starting next year. Hmmm. Will Jose Calderon be it or TJ Ford will be traded to enable the Raps to sign Jose to a lucrative contract Depending on the 2 PGs performances this season , TJ or Jose will jettison elsewhere. Who knows , Memphis may be Jose's destination joining Gasol and Navarro there. In return the Raps will get the rook Mike Conley . Well , who is Canada in the Raptors lineup ? Who else but Sam's boy toy , Derek Martin. Martin is with Uncle Sam Mitchell just as Canada is forever with Uncle Sam !

Sam : Derek , I want you .........to clean the players' locker room !


Blogger john said...

You are a funny man !

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Sammy Boy said...

I don't believe that B.C. will let go of TJ and/or Jose.The Raptors will not break the most lethal point guard tandem in the NBA.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Kid Lunch said...

It will take a lot to trade TJ or Jose... as in a first-class rebounder who can score (and also has a mean streak), plus a universally accepted above-average backup point guard.

Of course I'll toss in Juan Dixon or Kris Humphries to make sure we get even more...

2:59 PM  
Blogger coach said...

sammy - believe me . this duo is headed for a break up if not next year , soon. no 1st class point guard will agree to play back up for a long time.
and no 1st class pg is satisfied with less than 30 mins. playing time !

k.l - b.c. will settle for serviceable point guard in place of tj or jose. conley will do !

3:31 PM  

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