Tuesday, November 6

Tonight's Game Preview : Yipee ! Yi Vs Andrea !

Chuck Swirsky said in his radio program this afternoon that one of the sub plot of the Raptors-Bucks game tonight is the battle between 2 young beanpoles .The match featuring Andrea Bargnani and Yi Jianlian . To millions of fans in China , it is the feature presentation. Especially Yi Jianlian. Bargs and Yi are playalike. They even have the same body structure. The both can run like deers .Or more like girraffes 'coz of their height. Yi and Bargs are tremendous 3 point shooters. But that is where their similarities end. Andrea is as dry as a dry gin tonic while Yi is intense . Not KG intense but intense nevertheless. In the game versus the Bulls last Saturday , Yi was giving the Tiger Wood fist pumps after every 3 point basket. Then , Yi was highfiving everybody during timeouts . So unlike countryman Yao Ming when he was new in the NBA, Well , you can say that Yi is as Italian as Bargnani . He talks with his arms and hands !
According to the Bucks' TV sportcaster in last week's home opener , some 200 million Chinese watched the Bucks' game vs. the Bulls. The estimated number of people is likely based on the number of basketball playing people in China. 200 million ? Not a Chinaman's chance. Based on my estimate, that number is just too much. In an informal survey of Chinese in my neighborhood - 10 all in all - , 2 played mahjong during Saturday's game . Another 2 were busy playing poker while a couple more went to the Niagara Casino . Yes , there were 2 busy with the NBA ..... busy betting who will win in the NBA Live by EA Sports !

Mao : There will be no NBA team in China. Stern won't allow gambling in the NBAwhile the Chinese loves to gamble .'Wanna bet ?


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