Wednesday, November 14

Tonight's Game Preview : Jazz Vs. Just Fine

It seems like the Raptors have found their groove. They are groovy once again especially in their last game vs. the Bulls. The Raptors' dynamic PG duo of TJ Ford and Jose Calderon combined for 23 assists . That means , they are moving and sharing the ball. But that was against an obviously uninspired Chicago team. Let's see if the Raps will show the same vigor versus the versatile Carlos Boozer , rebounding demon Paul Milsap, teardrop lartist Deron Williams and tears dropping like a baby and block artist Andrei Kirilenko. The Jazz is really a fine ballclub whereas the Raps are just fine. TO is not yet a consistently good ballclub. One should watch 3 things in this game . One is rebounding . How will a poor rebounding team like TO solve Booz , Milsap and Co ? Two is guard play . TJ is a speed demon whereas his counterpart on the other side , Williams , is more controlling. Will razzle dazzle beat jazzle ? Will Utwo (TJ&J) tire out Utah's main PG ? Lastly , who will win the battle of 3 point shooting (near) 7 footers ? Bargnani or Mehmet Okur ? I just need to look at the results in these 3 categories and I can tell the winner without looking at the scores. It's Jazz time tonight by 10 points or more . Yup. I am sure. Like Fox' Bill O' Reilly is sure he can make Mark Cuban's Iraq movie Redacted fail at the box office as he did to Robert Redford's Lions For Lambs by advocating boycott of it. Otherwise , I will boycott predicting the outcome of future NBA games !

Robert & Merryl :
O'Reilly , you can't handle the truth !
Our f
ilm's weekend box office of just $6 million was
z of Tom and not 'coz of your so called boycott !


Anonymous Josh said...

The result of the game last night meant that you will continue predicting NBA games.Not exactly a welcome news to those who love the Raptors.

2:24 PM  

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