Wednesday, November 28

Do You Want A BJ .......Or A TJ ?

The question most Raptors' fans are asking is whether TJ Ford or Jose Calderon should be the main point guard of the team.The past 2 games , Jose Calderon was simply fantastico in the absence of the injured TJ Ford . Jose's assist to turnover ratio was simply unbelievable. Every paper noted his sterling play be it in TO or elsewhere.The same is true with every NBA TV team . Against the Chicago Bulls last Sunday , Jose out hinrick the Bulls' steady PG, Kirk Hinrick. It's embarrasing to watch Kirk run after Jose like a dog in heat. If I were you Jose , I would not turn my back on Kirk like that in the photo .
Not so fast TJ detractors. Remember , TJ is a better scorer that Jose. TJ is Mr. Guts and Glory personified . Never afraid to take the big shots or the so called money shots .The guy is faster than a speeding bullet and an excellent penetrator ! Without TJ , the Raptors' vaunted outside shots will be less dangerous. He drives , makes the other team's defense collapse on him then kicks the ball out to the open man. TJ is so fast he changes clothes 100x a day in a whiff (see photo) .
Bryan Colangelo has his work cut out for him come the end of the season. No , right now. The current situ proves what I've been saying earlier. TJ or BJ needs to play major minutes . No more (almost) equal sharing of the PG duties. Either give TJ 30 mins. or so every game or BJ for that matter to maximize each player's talent . Sam needs to play BJ more no matter if TJ pouts on the bench (as he often does) or play TJ more no matter if it means losing Jose at the end of the season. All duet must come to an end anyway. Look at Sonny and Cher , Simon And Garfunkel and lately , George Bush and Karl Rove ! Make a choice who you want to be your numero uno PG .TJ Ford or Back up Jose ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TJ's "Mr.Guts and Glory" attitude often hurts the Raps more than help the team.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous TJ said...

I want TJ ! I want TJ ! I want TJ !

7:59 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

Let's wait until the end of the season before deciding who is going to be retained as the team's point guard.BC must make sure he gets a good backup to whoever he will choose to remain.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Raps Fan said...

i think the decision will be made by the trade deadline. i actually wrote a post about this a few days ago on my blog, check it out (sorry for the shameless plug, but you know I haven't done this before, just that this case applies):

7:25 PM  

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