Friday, November 16

B.C.'s Discards . How They Are Doing?

Hers are how 3 former Raptors - Mo Pete , Matt Bonner and Mike James- are doing in their current teams which are all in the same division and better records than the 4-4 Raptors .

1. Morris Peterson . The man everybody called Mo Pete is doing quite well as a member of the starting unit of the surging Hornets (7-2) of the sinking New Orleans. I followed every game of his new team and so far, he is fitting like a condom in his cock , err I mean , coach' plan. ' Peterson stays in the corner(s) of the court for his shots ' said the Hornets' TV announcers. Just like in ACC. Only , Chris Paul finds him especially when he is hot. Like last Wednesday ,when the Raps struggled in their shooting,, Mo Pete was super hot. Mo Pete drilled 16 points on four 3 points shots in the 1st quarter enroute to a team high 27 points ! His teammates were cheering every shot of Mo Pete from the bench . Take that Colangelo !

2. Matt Bonner . Why do they, the Spurs TV guys , still call Bonner the Red Rocket ? How inappropriate. The red rocket transport is only in TO ! The hombre is now in San Antonio (7-2) and barely throws his howitzers ! Just call him the Red Sombrero or even better , the Red Cuchero ! Actually , Bonner is playing more minutes now than his 1st season with the Spurs. Occasionally , Bonner gets to shoot 3 points shots when Duncan or Parker kicks the ball his way. Less playing time ? No problem . Matt has more time now to sign his autograph ( photo) and be paid for this . He will be able to earn money from the proceeds of autograph signing so he can buy an automobile! Bonner is happy to get his NBA championship ring although he told Chuck Swirsky the ring stays in his laundry box !

3. Mike James . James seems to thrive better in the Rockets' fast face offense than in the Timberwolves' KG oriented offense. Although James is not in the starting unit of Houston (6-3) , he finds himself playing more than another former Raptor Rafer Alston and disgruntled Steve Francis. Many Raps' fans do not like the high scoring James for his propensity to shoot too much. Ha ! TJ Ford is Mike James all over again. It's because no one wants to be the leader of the Raptors during crunch times , stupid fans . At least , TJ or James before him, is willing to take the responsibility of taking over the game. In MJ , Yao and T Mac found another offensive option. This means MJ does'nt have to shoot much . James is so in love with T Mac , oops , don't mind the photo on the right , I mean , so in love with his new role as the black Mike Bibby in coach Rick Alderman's system !


Anonymous Raps Fan said...

i will admit, mopete wasn't my favourite player, but he played hard, and really grew on me. i thought it was a step in the wrong direction for replacing him with kapono and delfino (the two do his job, at double the cost), but what are you gonna do?

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Still don't have no car Matt?

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

I am happy for Matt Bonner.He is a humble NBA player.I hope he gets a lot of years in the league.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Eddy said...

i miss mo. i don't understand all the hatred towards him last year. he played both ends of the floor and i think everyone undervalued him because he became sam's bench buddy. same with mike james. i think he was one of the few good things to happen for our team that season. sure he took a lot of shots, but he a lot of em too - some real important shots down the stretch. some people just don't want a leader in Toronto. damned if u do, damned if you don't.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

Jason Kapono and Carlos Delfino are statring to play well.Let's see if the 2 can fill the role that Mo Pete vacated.They have until midway of this season to prove their worth to the the fans here in TO.
James is perfect in partnership with TJ or Calderon.B.C.will now need to search for a backup guard should either of the 2 gets traded at the end of the season.

1:39 PM  

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