Friday, December 7

GEMario Or _Emario Moon ?

Everyone in Raptorland is happy that B.C. found a gem in Jemario Moon. I am not sold out yet of this guy's longetivity and overall talent. Moon can't shoot from the outside. Absolutely no 'J' or jumpshot. If Jamario wants to be like the real thing , he should work on his outside shot. I wondered how Jamario averaged 27 ppg in the D league . All layups and dunks maybe ? For him to be taken seriously by the opponents , Jamario needs to be able to shoot from the outside. He needs to practice 600 shots a day like ex Net Mickey Moore did 2 summers ago. Moore became a great mid range shooter last season which helped the Nets execute the pick and roll effectively as they showed when they beat the Raps in 6 games of last season's playoffs. The improved offense by Moore led him to get moore money in his next contract this time with the Sacto Kings. Actually , Jamario posseses a nice looking jumpshot. Definitely easy to the eyes than to the guy he is compared to by teammate Anthony Parker - Shawn Marion . Marion as shown here on the right (before a game makeover) together with Atlanta's Childress are founding members of the ' Ugly Jumpshooters Club '. Marion though is a deadly shooter even from the 3 point range as he displayed in Wednesday's game. If Jamario , improves his 'J' , I would not call him Emario (no 'J') anymore . Maybe , I'll call him JaMarion !
Another thing about Jamario is his lack of respect for the NBA and its players. Jamario said before that ' there is not much difference between the play in the NBA and the CBA . Huh ? Last night's game gave him a sample of the kind of plays in the big league. The kind that KG dishes everynight instead of the unkind that produced a puny 2 points ( on 1 of 6 shooting ) vs. the Celts. There is still 'Sheed , Josh Smith and a long trip to the West on schedule , Rook . Show me that you can close to your minor league average and maybe I will believe you . ' KG wanted to win even every practice game when he was in Minnesota . He once scored 50 points on me ' said Garnett's former teammate and Raps' coach Sam Mitchell last night. ' He made me better ' Sam added. As a player not as a coach !

: Are you talking to me ? Are you talking to me ? That's my bast impersonation of Bob De Niro .Only , I'm Mucho Dinero now !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is the best point guard of the raptors??

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Raps4Ever said...

Ugly game last night.The Raptors just simply gave up.I expect the same will happen against the Rockets.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Raps Fan said...

hard to say who the best point guard is ju-gon. each of them bring something different.

as for jamario, i kind of agree. if he didn't as many bad shots, and do the things he is good at, he would be a better player. he seems like a keeper, but he really isn't a starter in this league.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Jay Cam said...

i heard that Jamario has made hops, but I could never find a record of that exact height.


4:07 PM  
Blogger john said...

My team the Knicks got blown out by the Celtics too.Welcome to the club!
I love your piece today.It's bitingly funny.

4:36 PM  
Blogger coach said...

ju-gon : the best PG of the raps is still playing in the playgrounds of america.

raps4ever : why the defeatist attitude ? maybe u should change yr handle to raps4everdead ?

rapsfan : moon will not get a starting position in the top teams of the NBA thats for sure.

jay cam : let's be this be yr guide. both he and vice carter once jump over a guys in a basketball game .

vc over a 7'2" frenchman in the sydney olympics.

moon over a ref in the d league last year (just google it ).
the average ref is about 5'8" in height !

5:49 PM  
Blogger Time Intact said...

Really, Jamario said that about the NBA comparing it to the CBA? That's idiotic. And that picture of Shawn Marion is HILARIOUS OMG!!!! Speaking of idiots, he's one too, wanting to leave Nash and his BLESSED situation in Phoenix to get more attention somewhere else. Did he NOT learn from Joe Johnson?

9:23 PM  
Blogger coach said...

intact- i guess it's another rookie mistake by jamario.
as to marion's trade request , be careful what you wished for ...

11:08 AM  
Anonymous kinglbj said...

That picture of "Marion" is not racist. If people cant take the joke, they have issues.

3:50 PM  

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