Wednesday, December 5

Don't Cry For Me Urgentina

See what contract year can do ? Carlos Delfino is playing like there is no tommorow.He is playing with a sense of urgency. A real Urgentine indeed ! ' I got to show what I can do this season . I don't want to go back to Europe ' Delfino was quoted before the season begun. The man who has a perpetually arranged hairdo is averaging close to 16 points a game in 30 minutes of play in the last 4 games. Those are quantum leap from his stats when he was in Detroit. In Motortown , Delfino was known as a dead engine . Or at least a stalled engine. Fans there said Delfino's a lazy basketball player that was why he languished on the Pistons' bench . Suddenly the guy is a star(?) here in Toronto . He just need to continue doing the same thing and Delfino is sure to get a fat contract at the end of the year. Delfino must do something else . Undo the hairdo . The do might give you a cool image ala Travolta in Grease or The Fonz but it perpetuates the view that you want to do everything the easy way like the 2 TV/movie characters. Even his present coach felt he was too laid back as a player before that was why Sam seldom used him during pre season games. It's the laid back hairdo Carlos. The pomade or gel supported hair gave Sam the wrong 1st impression. Undo the hairdo and your image will change forever. Then you can be a real star. Otherwise , you will still be a star alright. Not in the basketball court. ... but a star of a gel commercial !


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