Friday, November 30

U.S.A. Set To Invade Canada !

Yes sir . Former US Rep. and now TV host of Morning Joe at MSNBC , Joe Scarborough said 'the U.S. should invade Canada to save the children there '. He justified his proposal this way ' Imagine 8 year olds fighting in a sporting event '. Scarborough added that he was aghast at seeing young kids engaged in full brawl during a hockey game ! The incident is not isolated of course. Only in Canada ! It's time to turn these puckheads to the real game. The game for nigxxrs said a somebody I know who is a relatively new Canadian immigrant from Poland. Her husband, a native Canuck , is not as ignorant but clueless about how fun basketball is. 'I don't know that basketball is so exciting ' said he when he watched a live playoff game between the Cavs and the Pistons last year during a business trip to Cleveland. Definitely more exciting than a pathetic Maple Leafs' game !
Good if the US will annex Canada. Then I would not be barraged with hockey 24/7. I would not suffer from hockey diarrhea ! There will be no overdose of talking heads on all 3 sports channels of Canada overanalyzing everything hockey. I would not have to endure the lousy play of overpaid but error prone Bryan Mc Cabe , of falling star Mats Sundin and of puck bully Darcy Tucker . No more grouchy Bobcat of Sportsnet and annoying TSN's Mike L. on TV. Hmm .Wait . That means I will be inundated with the likes of ESPN's Stephen A. (for asshole) Smith and loud Jim Rome . Instead of puck bullies, I will be subjected to a nightly dose of Bad Boy Artest , Capt. Jack and 'Sheed Wallace and his mouth ! Not good. Barricade the borders quick ! We are going to war !


Blogger Amboy said...

very funny just make my day!

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Sam said...

Shame on the coaches and the parents of those 8 years olds.They all must be punished.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

1-1 this weekend.not so bad.the raptors need a low post player's all outside shots with occasional drive to the cannot win lots of games that way.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous said...

11:40 PM  
Blogger Time Intact said...

'hockey diarrhea' hahaha. As annoying as they are, I would take Stephen A. and crew any day over all the hockey babble that dominates Canadian television.

12:21 AM  
Blogger leaf fan said...

I apologize in advance for not complying simlarily to the previous comments on the blog. The writer apparently has no significant understanding of Canadian culture or Hockey. In many respects American influence has already infiltrated Canadian culture for the better. Toronto is the sports leader of N.A. in the four dominate N.A. sports (referencing the Canadian football league). They are among leaders in attendance in baseball, hockey and baseball putting many high profile American sports cities to shame, and the reality is that in the near future the Buffalo Bills will move to Toronto finally exposing the lack of American fans that attend bills games to begin with. The people of Toronto and the G.T.A are responsible for more than half of the bills fans on regular weekly basis. The love for basketball has flourished in Toronto and you are definitely hard done by when looking for good raptor tickets. Toronto is a sports town, and the love for our teams runs far beyond our beloved leafs. The city appreciates American sports on an average more than any city.

5:51 PM  

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