Tuesday, December 4

SAMthing 'Gotta Give !

Yup . Another one bites the dust. Coach Sam Mitchell showed he has some coaching talent as he guided an undermanned Raptors team to a landslide victory over the Charlotte Bobcats , 98-79. Sam showed another Sam, Sam Vincent , that he has still a lot of growing up to do before he can reach the COY awardee last year. After all , Vincent is only 6'1'' to Mitchell's 6'9" height when he is not angry at TO sports scribes. If sports reporters anger Sam , he shoots up to 9"6" ! You can say that Vincent can continue dreaming in some starry starry night ! Unfortunately , it was snowy in TO last night. Definitely no stars. Maybe , this (coaching) world was not meant for one as beautiful as Vincent . Ooops, wrong Vincent .The Raps were simply awesome despite the absence of its 3 stars. I told you, no stars in TO last night. Jose Calderon's (12 pts. 9 asst.) passing was chris , I mean , crisp. Kris Humprey (17 pts./ 6 reb.) was in control . No bargs , I mean , no barging into opponents foolishly like he is prone to do. And Joey Graham (13 pts. 4 reb.) , Joey G. was no tj , I mean, kj . Joey G. made everyone happy with his performance in the game last night !
Let's face it. The Bobcats were atrocious last night missing point blank shots , committing unforced errors and failing to take advantage of Emeka Okafour, 5 , 6 , 7 countless opportunities for low post plays.The biggest dissapointment however was Bobcats' Jason Richardson. J. Rich as he is popularly known , was far from the spectacular one that distinguished himself as an outside/inside threat when he was a member of the Golden State Warriors last season. ' Initially , J.Rich was sad when he was informed of the trade to the Bobcats. Then Michael Jordan called him in the morning and explained why he traded for him . Everything was fine after that ' narrated the Bobcats' TV guy of the transaction. Uh oh . J.Rich better disconnect his phone today or at least leave a taped message in his machine. Tell MJ that J.Rich cannot be reached at this number anymore !

Vincent Van Gogh : Sam Mitchell is just like me.
I had a full beard , Sam has a full beard !
I had a crazy mind , Sam has a 'lil crazy mind !
I had syphilis , ahh eh eh ... Mo Pete has herpes !


Anonymous Balls! said...

Hi, the writing style of today's post indicates you're on Quaaludes.

Have a good trip, and for gods sake, PUT YOUR PUNCTUATION WITH THE PRECEDING WORD before your blog becomes completely unreadable and disappears from my bookmark list forever.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

LOL. Today's post is hilarious.A win by the Raps made everyone smile.

6:46 PM  
Blogger John said...

Interesing name for a blog. I became a Raptors fan ever since you brought in Carlos "The Man" DELFINO.

Really happy to see the way he is playing unlike his time in fucking Detroit.

Hey, could I get some comment from you please



8:21 PM  
Blogger coach said...

Great win.Sam for COY again this year?

7:01 PM  
Blogger coach said...

balls - thank u for reading my piece. the punctuation is all over the place 'coz i'm on quaaludes ... double dosage .

josh - i am perpetually smirking nowadays.

john - i will. just brushing up on my spanish. senor delfino es mi hombre !

7:11 PM  

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