Thursday, December 6

Where The Suns Don't Shine...

For 364 days. The Phoenix Suns let the sunshine in and the barrage of points too to defeat the upstart Toronto Raptors 136-123. The asses in TO who predicted that their Raps were strong enough to defeat the Suns were given a dose of reality. A friend of mine was superexcited yesterday . He was going to see the game live. Instead , he saw the Raps dead. Dead from non stop fastbreak by Barbosa and Co. The Brazilian Blur had 27 points by the 3rd quarter ! The only consolation to Raps' fans was no matter how long Darrick Martin will try to freeze the ball like in the Raptors' last game , the score will surely reach the 100 mark for free pizza !
Give it to the ACC fans though. They cheered even though their team was being waylaid. They even mooooooned when favorite Raptor Janario Moon blocked Shawn Marion's shot.Chuck Swirsky was all agog over Moon's weak block saying on the air that it's his x consecutive game with a block at least. Oh well. What can you expect. In the land of the blind , the one armed man is King . In this land of puckheads , the ballheaded one is supreme. Or should I say the baldheaded one is supreme ! My gosh don't harped to the TO fans like it's a big deal that Moon continues to swat balls away . The Hawks' Josh Smith is averaging almost 3 blocks a game .Did'nt these guys see his block on D. Wade's shot that prevented their game from going O.T. ? Or how he smothered the C's Eddie House shot eventhough the guy tried to protect the ball with his body ? These blocks were the real ones. You can say that Josh's blocks are blockbusters !


Blogger arsenalist said...

That consecutive block shot stat is so meaningless that I cringe every time he mentions in. That game was a Nash love-fest which made me just turn the volume down.

There was hardly a move we could've made that would've made us win this game but even then you have to try. I was disappointed with the Raptors perimeter and rotational D. We allowed their guards to go off AND their big men to go off. We at least could've focused on slowing them down in one area but that was to much to ask of Sam.

12:55 AM  
Blogger Alex B. said...

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