Monday, December 10

Humps Brings Sexy Back .

The man dubbed ' Sexy Legs ' by some Raptors' fans brought his 'A' game yesterday. Humphries scored 19 points and collared 9 rebounds to lead the Raps from a come from behind victory over Yao and the Houston Rockets.' Humps is a young player and sometimes he likes it all ' said coach Sam Mitchell of Humpries. ' If you just move , set picks and run the floor , you can get 8 , 10 points a game ' he added. Sam , are you saying that Humps should go slow ? If the velocity challenged Humpries takes that advice , he'll be a statue ! With the departure of Hoffa , Kris Humpries is the only remaining muscle guy in the team . Just look at the Raps' bigs- Bosh , Moon and Baston. They are like malnourished players from some country in Africa. I don't count the midgets (anyone shorter than 6'8") especially the guy called the Human Bobblehead - Darrick Martin . Rasho , Bargs and Garbo are not really skinny but they don't have pronounced muscles. Humphries however is built like he can take on a WWE wrestler. See the guy wrestled with Andy and Z as shown in the right photo. ' Get your own lunch' Humps shouted to the 2 who look like participants in a before and after of a hair growth medicine commercial.
Muscles are not all good. Too much muscles make one too mechanical in his movements like a robot. Especially if you are a white basketball player. That is why robots are almost always white . Not yellow , not brown and definitely not black. Just look at Toyota's latest creation. That is why there's no Shaq robot .Until now. You see , the Diesel is kinda slow now . Oh well , they can attribute Shaq's robot slowness to metal fatigue !

Coach : All together now , who's your Daddy ?
Bobbleheads : Daddy Darrick !


Anonymous arsenalist said...

I don't think I want the starting SF to be a muscle man, same for the guard spots. The ideal PF body is either Malone's or Stoudamire's. Bosh might be able to match Stoudamire if he continues to work on it.

So Humph having a good game means he's going to suck in his next three. Watch out for it.

BTW, that link about Toyota doesn't open.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous josh said...

Humps will make a good forward if he is consistent.He may even be in the starting 5.

5:22 PM  
Blogger yellowdog granny said...

wow..I fell like im on another planet..dont know jackshit about canadian sports...but had to come by and thank you for your comment on my blog...and now that im here, it's kinda cool...maybe if i hang out here long enough i will learn what a canuk is...and a raptor...y'all come back and see us y'hea?

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the dumbest website i've ever seen!

1:29 AM  

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