Tuesday, December 11

Top 10 Jobs Waiting For Aging Raptor Darrick Martin !

No.10 - Substitute mascot of the Toronto Raptors.

No. 9 - Join Guilermo as Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick.

No. 8 - Pinch hit for look alike Emmitt Smith in the NFL TV booth.

No. 7 - Official permanent props in the NBA slam dunk contest.

No. 6 - Join the new hit reality show 'Dancing With The Porno Stars'.

No. 5 - Replace Britney Spears' tell all bodyguard.

No. 4 - Join the 'D' league . No not that league but the 'D'warf league !

No. 3 - Bald spokesperson for 'Save The Bald Eagle 'movement.

No. 2 - Appear as Barney Ruble in the new Flintstone movie.

And the number 1 job waiting for Darrick Martin when he retires is as the........Official waterboarding Volunteer of the CIA !


Blogger John said...

Not a good ending for great win win. TJ Ford is very crucial for the Raptors. Hopefully he recovers soon.


2:49 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

You are a wackoo.I love to see Darrick as Barney !

8:00 AM  
Blogger arsenalist said...

Awesome post man, funny, funny stuff. You forgot to mention that he's also a good candidate to become Jose Calderon's maid and the Mop Girl's sidekick.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Rap4Ever said...

Now that TJ is hurt,Martin will need to be reactivated again. I think DMart will play for 2 years more or as long as Sam is the coach of the Raptors,

11:52 AM  
Blogger John said...

Fantastic result against the Mavericks. Well done!!!


11:09 PM  
Blogger Time Intact said...

Ironically I just read an article on waterboarding today. Anyway somehow, the Barney picture actually looks like D-Mart's form and natural posture lol.

3:13 AM  
Blogger yellowdog granny said...

ah ha!..I finally found out what a raptor is...I think they beat the mavs...I'm not sure I only read football sports articles in the paper..until play offs then I watch the games..

9:59 PM  

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