Saturday, December 22

Carlesimo And His Team Choke TO.

There are not even halfway down their western trip and the Raptors are already showing signs of fatigue. Not good . The Raps lost to 2 'beatable' teams in the Blazers and the Sonics. And some peeps say that the Raps cannot beat 1st class teams . They surely proved them people wrong ! Hah , Sam Mitchell is an equal opportunity loser . Actually , Portland is playing good basketball lately winning its last 10 games but Seattle is a different story. The Sonics were blown away by the Hornets prior to their meeting and beating the Raptors last night , 123-113. You can say that P.J. Carlesimo outcoached Sam . How else can you explain the loss inspite of TO's overwhelming edge in manpower. When the Raps scored 2 straight 3 pt.shots , P.J. said the team went from playing the zone back to playing man to man . P.J put the rookie Jeff Green on Chris Bosh when CB4 started scoring. ' I guess you can call me a defensive stopper now ' said the rook as he prided himself in effectively harrassing Bosh and even Jason Kapono. P.J. is not afraid to give a veteran player a bawling when there is a need for one. ' Oh yeah , he yelled at me during a timeout. He was right ' explained Walt Sczerbiak of P.J.'s verbal barrage on him taking an early shot when the Sonics need to run out the clock. ' 'Everybody who came in picked us up ' said P.J. Carlesimo. I think Sam would have like to pick P.J. by the neck !
One thing noticeable last night and I guess the previous games was how sorry looking Andrea Bargnani is now . The Italian with his week old beard and a bandaged knee was a far cry compared to the hyper Sonics' prized rookie Kevin Durant. Durant scored from all kinds of offensive moves. The dude was intensity personified especially when he stuffed the ball hard causing the spheroid to bounce on the head of Rasho after going through the hoop. What a poster material it would make ! In comparison , Bargs was pictured as a one trick phony by the Sonics TV guys. ' He does'nt like to play with his back to the basket ' said them. At the rate Bargs is playing , he does'nt want to continue playing period . And yes Bargs likes to play with his back .......... to the TV cameras !

Andrea : My beard ? The beard is a product placement like Lindsay Lohan's display of anti smoking medication package !


Anonymous Josh said...

No defense!That is the problem with the Raptors.Moon can't stop anybody.

8:05 PM  
Blogger john said...

KD is one hell of a player.He will be a bigger version of Ray Allen.The question is is Durant too thin for the NBA to have a long career ?

8:56 PM  
Blogger yellowdog granny said...

oh hum....the cowboys won again..yeah for my team

3:15 PM  

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