Sunday, December 16

Time To Call Home Depot For Retooling !

After an impressive come from the anus victory over the Indiana Pacers including Tingsley and his brothers , Raps' fans envisioned a tight game this afternoon. The only tight one I saw in this game was Big Baby' (Davis) stomach. In fact, the game was Boston all the way. The C's led by as much as 21 points as early as the 1st half. I was waiting for the Raptors' run but TO managed to come close by 10 points only. Oh , the Raptors did ran ... they ran towards the dugout in shame . ' The Raptors better get used to the Celtics. Boston will be in their faces this season ' warned ultimate homer , Tommy Heinsohn , Boston's basketball Analyst. Translation : Surrender the Atlantic Division pennant now. Raps better retool quick . Retool with the Cs' lineup in mind. Call Home Depot. They can help. Right now , Sam, the Builder , not the Coach is needed !
The guns of the Raptors were terribly off today. Parker (2 out 8 FG) can't get untracked. Except briefy in the 4th quarter , Kapono (3/9) did not get untracked . Delfino was complety off the track (1/4). And Bargnani (1/3) should be driving a truck instead of playing basketball. Bargs simply was atrocious ! All his attempts at the basket were forced and uncoordinated. What happened to the smooth release Bargs is known for ? If Bargs does'nt shape up , he will be released by B.C . and that won't be smooth as well . The truth is the result of today's game was not a surprise to B.C. and the fans I'm sure. TO is a perimeter shooting team. If the outside game is not working , the Raps don't have an outside chance. The team needs one who can play strong inside. A proven penetrator . Like a Ron Jeremy . Ooops wrong kind of penetrator. I mean a Ron Artest ! One with a strong inside game and a decent outside game. The other Ron plays a strong indecent inside game !

Ron J. : I also have an excellent work ethic.....or is it an excellent unethical work ? Whatever !


Anonymous Raps4Ever said...

I don't agree with you.There is no need to retool.Give the present team more time to jell.

11:23 AM  
Blogger yellowdog granny said...

y'all are kickinhg my texas teams asse....dang!...

I'm in a pissy mood after the loss to the motherfucking ealges...
I'm not all...
is that Ron guy not the sleeziest guy around?

12:10 PM  
Blogger Amboy said...

Boston rules.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous arsenalist said...

I don't think the objective now is to win the division but to get home court advantage, maybe add a big at the trading deadline and make a push in the playoffs. If the current lineup is kept for the post-season we are sure to be playoff breakfast.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:32 AM  

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