Wednesday, December 19

White Men Can't Jump .....Teams !

The Toronto Raptors took care of their 1st opponents in this western swing by disposing the wingless LA Clippers. How pathetic are the Clips ? Consider these :
1. their total shooting percentage (40%) is lower than TO's 3 point shooting percentage (42%).
2. they failed to reach the century mark in 9 of the last 10 games. No burritos for you amigos .
3. they have a losing record (9-16) better only than the Grizzlies.
4. they still have no Elton Brand , Sam Cassell and other supporting players.
In other words , LA is as dead as a duck. I bet the LA players are all planning to escape from LA !
The Raps stoop to the level of competition in the 1st half of the game . It's good they decided to play their game in the 2nd half limiting the Clips to just 28 points in the final half .Bosh showed up with Moon matching his season high 16 points. In as much as there were only 4 games Tuesday night , Moon's block on Chris Kaman's shot made it to ESPN Sportscenter's hightlight. Sweeet. No worry Chris Kaman's fans . Coach Sam Mitchell was all praise for the Clip's center. ' Kaman is the 2nd best center in the West next to Tim Duncan.I am amazed at Kaman's improvement year after year ' Sam profusely praised the UM graduate. Hmmm. Is Sam courting Kaman to jump ship after his contract is over? Normally , Sam reserves his hossanahs to the likes of LBJ and KG . That only means Hossanah Jesus Chris (Kaman ), Superstar . I don't blame Sammy boy. The Raps need a Great White Hope to improve their TV ratings. Imagine the ratings of curling and obscure winter sports being better than the Raptors' games on TV ! What would it take for Canadians to watch a basketball game ? Play the damn game on ice !


Anonymous said...

i'll be honest, i never considered kaman an option, but didn't he ink a new deal last year? would be nice to line him up with bosh and bargnani (assuming bargnani gets over this hump).

12:46 PM  
Blogger yellowdog granny said...

say didn't the mavs figure out how to win a game.?
good luck with your team..

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Rap4Ever said...

one down.six to go.if the raptors win 3 or 4 games in this trip,that would be a great achievement.

6:44 PM  
Blogger John said...

I really hope that Raptors will win their next game after that defeat to the Blazers.

I know they can....

7:18 PM  

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