Sunday, January 6

Bipolar Raptors Lose To The Cavs !

The Toronto Raptors showed its erratic behaviour once more. Playing great at one stretch of the game and completely collapsing at the homestretch against the Cleveland Cavaliers . The Dinos are a complete wreck after the game which they lost , 90-93. Earlier proofs of the ups and downs wrong with this team , the Raps beat heavyweights Hornets and the Spurs but lost to so so Sonics and newbies Blazers in their western trip. Toronto led King James and his underperforming team by 20 big points in the 1st quarter. They prefer to be ecstatic with sporadic show of spectacular blocks and dunks especially from crowd fav Jamario Moon rather than playing consistent basketball. ' The Raptors are sharing by ball well with 9 assists in the 1st quarter alone ' said ex NBA great Cazzie Russell .What more , the team shot a high 69% in the 1st quarter of the ballgame to take advantage of the usual slow start of the Cavs. And how did the Raps shoot in the final half ? in the 30's ! This team is serious trouble because they are not stable. Not even the presence of GM Colangelo shown here talking to a psychiatrist (?) perhaps , Asst GM Mauricio G. and Advisor Wayne Embry seemed to help in the Raptors stability . Huh ? Maybe the team needs Phil . No , not coach Phil Jackson ...... but Dr. Phil who was reported to be helping Britney's bipolar behavior !!!
There were reports after the game that someone in the Raptors' bench heckled King James causing him to explode for 24 points in the 4th quater ? ' I was not a good idea ' said CBC's Elliott Friedman . WTF ! Can't coach Sam Mitchell control his bench players ? Better gag those loudmouths next time . One thing you don't do is make the King show what he can do to your team . James is like Michael Jordan who was always looking at even the minimum reason to spark himself .It can be a coach's comment or an opposing player boast of stopping hiis scoring. If you make LBJ angry , you in turn be .....hungry .... for a win !

LBJ : I warned you Raps . No talking while I'm blowing ..... past your guards !!


Blogger yellowdog granny said...

that sucks, bites and blows

6:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

no talking while i'm getting blown by whoever is defending me either...

i was at that game, and lebron put on a show. sucks it was against the raptors, but we got a serious show.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Raps4Ever said...

It's not the bench but CB4's GF and cous who were the culprits.Better keep those chicks away from the game.

9:03 PM  
Blogger John said...

A good win against Philly on which DELFINO step up from the bench.

6:49 PM  
Blogger John said...

Another awesome perfoance against the Blazers

12:40 AM  

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