Monday, December 24

Top 10 Holiday Wishes In Raptorland !

No. 10 by Andrea Bargnani . That my mojo will return soon.

No. 9 by Jorge Garbajosa . That mys legs will return soon ! ( first , where are my shoes ? )

No. 8 by Chris Bosh . That there will be more 42 point games like that game in Phoenix.

No. 7 by Sam Mitchell . That there will be no more games in Phoenix period ! (except maybe a hockey game eh , Mr. Nash )

No. 6 by Jamario Moon . That I'm not 27 years old but just a 21 year old like Kevin Durant.

No. 5 also by Jamario Moon . That I won't see the likes of 21 year old rookie again who torched me for 27 points !

No. 4 by by Carlos Delfino . That the Phoenix Suns TV guys don't refer to me as a Jimmy Fallon look alike.

No. 3 by Carlos Delfino again . ....... come to think of it , it's not so bad.... as long as I don't play like Jimmy Fallon !

No. 2. by T.J. Ford . That I can play basketball again . I don't see why not.

No. 1 by Jose Calderon . That T.J. can play basketball again ..... at the local 'Y' , ' y ' not !
Feliz Navidad T.J. !


Blogger Time Intact said...

Since we're already under performing on the road trip so far, I wanna see some Mace Baston! Why not? Our guys are getting tired so fast anyways.

I will CRINGE if I ever see Derek Martin and Juan Dixon on the floor at the same time. You know it could happen if Jose somehow goes down for a while. It'll be chucking galore with those two.

I would be so mad if I was Delfino and got compared to Jimmy Fallon, who's a complete goof haha! But good eye.

4:18 PM  
Blogger yellowdog granny said...

gooooo raptors...

er,um...uh...exactly WHAT is a raptor?

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Rap4Ever said...

LOL.Merry X'mas !

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Melvin said...

whew... I was expecting Darick Martin wason yourlist.... =)

2:52 AM  
Blogger coach said...

meri x'mas to u all !!!

intact: it's cool to b compared to fallon than to james dean as the toronto sun often do.

yellow : a raptor is a house lizard on steroids !

melvin : no martin joke this time. i thought the dude needs a x'mas break.
like yr blog.

11:00 AM  
Blogger John said...

Merry Xmas to all Rap fans.

Great game against Manu-less Spurs

12:55 AM  

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