Sunday, January 20

Raptors Fail To Hang 76ers .

I can't understand why the Raptors are so not caring of each other. The other night against the Atlanta Hawks , point guard Jose Calderon was elbowed on the head in full view of his fellow Raps by an obviously irritated Anthony Johnson. Jose fell down writhing in pain while holding the back of his head. ' Johnson and Calderon are going at it in earlier plays ' the Hawk TV man said. In short , an explosion of tempers was expected . Maybe for the Hawks but not the timid TO dribblers. The Raptors are known softies. If anything is gonna explode for the Raptors , its their tear ducts ( photo on the right) . No even one of them confronted Johnson after the flagrant foul on Jose . Definitely not the team leader Chris Bosh. Oh yes, CB4 asked the ACC fans before the game to boo hard Hawk Al Harford for the flagrant foul he gave TJ Ford the 1st time the 2 teams met.Many gullible fans followed his advice . Maybe, Bosh wanted the fans to lynch Johnson ? No way . Lynching is for civilized sports like golf !
The timid Raptors got lynched themselves last night by the lowly 76ers, 95-99. The Raptors played tired as this was their 5th game in 4 nights . Raptors TV guy Leo Rautins said coach Sam Mitchell should tell his guys ' to suck it up, this is the NBA ' or something like that. True but somehow coming from an NBA fakee like Rautins , the statement 'kinda rattle the heck out of NBA lifers like me. More so after he and Chuck touched on his Philly NBA career for the nth time. Why don't the 2 reveal the truth once and for all that Leo's forgettable NBA career(?) lasted the whole of 32 games sitting on the bench of 2 teams (the Atlanta Hawks being the other team ) and then shut up. Everytime the Raptors are in Philly , this discussion (about Leo's so called NBA career ) bubbles up like it's worthy of TV minutes. Enough already. The 2 should put it to rest like AP has written Britney Spears' obituary !

Britney : Ooops . The Hawks did it again . They fagrant fouled the Raps again and again ...


Anonymous Melvin said...

haha.. can't blam raps for being soft dinos...

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Funny but true.

12:27 PM  

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