Wednesday, January 23

MiColangelo's Masterpiece

Maple Leaf Sports And Entertainment (MLSE) via executive Richard Peddie is following the Toronto Raptors' template in the plan to revitalize its hockey franchise. ' Like what we did with the hiring of GM Bryan Colangelo , we will form a 3 man search commitee to get the best man for the job ' said Peddie after the firing of the Leafs' GM yesterday. Even TO sportscasters always mention the Colangelo masterstroke as if his hiring for the basketball franchise has already produced an NBA championship. Look again puckheads , the Raps are still mired in mediocrity. They are still struggling against the likes of the Pistons and now the Celtics . Maybe even the Magic. OK ,OK the Raps made it to the playoffs in the 1st year of BC's takeover from Rob Babcock. Hey , it so happen that the East last year was as weak as the US dollar now. And they captured the Atlantic Division only 'coz Boston and NJ not to mention New York were in a state of stuppor .... or stupidity . Whatever . This year , its a different story in the AD . The Atlantic , B.C. is different from the Atlantic , A.D. !
Let's just review some of BC's main moves . The man pulled the trigger on the TJ-Charlie V. trade at the start of his tenure here. I was against it as I believed then that not only is Charlie V. valuable (that is what V stands for ) but his replacement ,TJ Ford is fragile. Not only that , I have always thought that Jose can be the main PG for the Raptors even then. Now just about every NBA team wants Jose as it's primero guardia.. ' Calderon can be the point guard for 23 NBA teams ' said the Atlanta Hawks' TV guy. Alas , that other premiere PG is under PG ....Parental Guidance . TJ is sidelined up to now and may not last his contract if he gets another Al HurtFord like hit. What about the choice of Andrea Bargnani as the no.1 pick in last year's draft ? 'It's the first time TO got a #1 pick and we wasted it' said my wife . Seems that way as the # 1 pick picks his Italian nose while continue to ride Sam's bench. 'No need to worry ' the Raptors head honcho was reported to have said as he try to get Bargnani a 'special coach' . What's more worrying was the news that Colangelo reportedly thinks that it will take 5 years for Bargs to blossom . Hmm. That's allright to Italians I guess. After all , it took them forever to identify the real Mona Liza of the other Colangelo , painter Michaelangelo !


Blogger John said...

I'm really happy for the Raptors, beating the Celtics in Boston.

Must be a damm good feeling for you.

As for my man DELFINO, you can comment right here

1:54 AM  
Anonymous said...

where did bc say 5 years for bargs to develop? i heard him say some time, not a specific time frame.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Andrea showed up in the game last night.Arrivadechi!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, i just found this site. it's great. you're obviously a massive fan, because only a real fanatic would take the raptors' crappy ways so seriously. i feel your pain, so let's be honest for just one second and say...


6:17 AM  
Blogger coach said...

john : delfino is proving to be a prize find. from hereon , i'll call carlos , delFINDno !

rt - no specific time ? meaning couls be 1 year or even 10 years. or rorever. what kind of a timetable is that ?

michael : more like-arriba , jose !

anon : now you realized what you've been missing the last 3 years ! welcome and go raps .... home if u play crappy ball !

10:56 PM  

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