Friday, February 8

The Quick Brown Fox Will Jump Over The Crazy Dog ?

LA Clippers upset the Raptors ? Raps' fans in turn suffered upset stomachs en masse . Why not ? A Cassel less Clips with no brand .. err , I mean , with no Elton Brand winning over the Toronto dribblers , 98-102. What a shock ! Coach Sam Mitchell better watch out . If the Raps suffer more defeats like this one tonight , jobhunting Larry Brown might suddenly find another team to add to his mile long resume. The famed coach is reported to be desperately looking for a bench role even as an Assistant coach in any team except the Sixers and of course the NY Knicks. ' He (Brown) wants to coach again. It's in his blood . He's sincere and there's no doubt that he wants to coach again ' said his friend and Spurs coach Popovich in New York tonight. Detroit with GM Joe Dumar never reached the NBA championships ( and won it in 2003 ) until the Pistons replaced Rick Carlisle , a 50 consecutive regular season winning coach , with Larry Brown. However , MLSE needs eHarmony to know if the Raps and coach Brown are compatible not like the 2 shown in the above photo.
Sam is a 47 game winner last season. He is likely not be able to duplicate that record this season at the rate things are going . Tsk , tsk , tsk. It's time to call the Grandfather again (shown on the right photo before he shaved his facial hairs for his photo for his passport needed to enter Canada) . Actually, Sam started to do that. This week , Raptors VP or consiglieri Wayne Embry's name resurfaced after an long absence from the news . Sam quoted Embry as saying something like this ' A coach job is to coach and a GM job is to put together the best lineup '. That's implying that GM Bryan Colangelo bears the responsibility of shaking the present roster to make it more competitive. Sam is saying that there is nothing more he can extract from his men except maybe more you tube videos the likes that CB4 and Moon came up with to bolster their quests for an All Star slot and the Slam Dunk contest . A 1st round playoff stint or at best , a 2nd round appearance by Sam's men is it. Just like Fredo and other characters in Godfather 2 , the Raptors will not be in the sequel to the sequel or.... triquel ?
The acquisition of Pau Gasol would have been sufficient to capture the East . Where was BC then ? BC could have used his influence on longtime Suns assistant and now Memphis coach Marc Ivaroni to acquire the Spanish center and reunite Pau with amigo Jose Calderon in the Raps' uniform . Too bad for Sam though . BC is no Rob Babcock . Meaning , BC is no pushover unlike Babcock. Babcock was ejected from the GM position partly because Sam has Wayne on his side. In short , Sam was in Wayne's World and Babcock was not . It's very likely that if the Raps failed to get pass the 1st round , Sam will be samwhere else outside of Toronto !

Pau : Jose , I now anoint you as Master Of Your Own Universe ,


Blogger John said...

What a game it was between Raptors/Spurs!!!!

Both Manu & Jose are proving everyone that they deserve to be at the All-Star.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous arsenalist said...

I agree that BC's been sleeping a bit much of late, I don't know if Brown is the answer, I think our problems are with personnel more than coaching. Not to let Sam off the hook but we need a rebounder more than a coach at this point.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

the raptors could have definitely sent more talent to memphis than the lakers did. i have to believe bc made some calls to try and land him. i hope anyways.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

There were no rumors that Bryan went after Gasol.He does'nt want 3 Spanish players what with his team's not so good experience with Garbo ?

7:23 PM  

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