Saturday, February 2

Snow Storm Kobe Hits Toronto Again.

Last night's game showed the fans of the Raptors how far their team is from respectablility . The result a 101-121 loss in the hands of the undermanned LA Lakers underscored GM Bryan Colangelo's failure to address the main weakness of the Raptors. This team is easilly intimated by real deadly opposition. And that's exactly what the Raps faced last night. Like the Detroit Pistons , the Suns and Mavs , the Lakers will cut your throat if they see you are patsies. Yes , TO whupped the Spurs but San Antonio is not the same team this season . ' We are not playing well lately ' said Spur Manu Ginobili as his team suffered 4 straight losses before beating the Suns last Thursday. LA are deadly as long as the Kobe aka the Black Mamba is there. Last night , Kobe exploded for 46 points. No wonder , Kobe is called the Black Mamba because he's as deadly as the venomenous snake from Africa. The Raps guarding Kobe especially AP and Delfino were like bitten by a snake as they remain motionless as Kobe drived to the basket over and over again last night. ESPN's replayed the one man dunkathon a thousand times to the embarrasment of TO's fans. It even mentioned that the Raptors are Kobe's fav whipping boys . Bryant averaged almost 28 ppg vs. TO more than any other NBA team. Who can forget the 81 points Kobe scored vs. the Raps 2 seasons ago ? B.C. , do something please. You need to stop Kobe shaming your team . It's time your team adopt a tough mentality. Start by getting a real tough guy. Maybe even try Ruben Petterson , the self proclaimed Kobe Stopper..... or get the service of Raptors' Superfan (shown on the right photo with Ms.Carter , the mother of another kind of snake) . After all , Superfan is a known snake charmer !
Just look at Kobe has to say after the game . ' I think we are really excited about the great oppportunity in front of us ' said Kobe after noting that the team suited up only 8 players . A great oppportunity for a win on the road with only 8 players ? Should not Sam be saying that ? Ha, I know . Kobe is a feng shui believer. In China , the no. 8 is a lucky number. And this year being 2008, makes it pretty special. Ask the Beijing Olympic organizers . They will open the summer Olympics to be held in China at exactly 8 a.m. on 8/8/08 ! I guess Kobe is a believer all right of the number 8. The former no.8 aka the Black Mamba , 8 the Raptors again last night ! Yum, yum .

Kobe : I'll eat your empty head next 'coz I'm on a diet.


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