Monday, February 25

' Non American Gangster ' Adds To Knicks' Depression

The Raptors got back at the Knicks rather emphatically . Well, at least in the 2nd half of last night's blowout game, 115-92. Everybody in the Rap's camp was aching for a revenge including a seldom used player Rasheed Wallace called gangsta. Primo Brezec was so animated last night as he repeatedly raised his arm and signalled 'I'm no. 1 ' with his finger everytime he scored . Hmm. Number 1 in what ? . Ahh , I know . Public Enemy No. 1 when the Raps visit NY next least , to the Knicks TV announcing crew. Here are samples of what Cylde Frazier and his partner said about Brezec. ' The guy is basket hanging . That's how he made his points ' said Cylde. Well , I agree. Twice last night , Brezec got fastbreak baskets by staying in the backcourt while all others were back in the frontcourt. Can't blame the guy. He hardly played in Charlotte and Detroit before being jettisoned to Toronto. When Brezec made his 2nd dunk and raised his finger in the air once more , Clyde's partner commented. ' Brezec is either showing enthusiasm or he is showboating . I'd say, he's showboating '. He, he . The problem with Brezec's untimely show of bravado was that the game's outcome was long determined by then. It's obvious that Brezec has now recovered from his depression caused by another Sam's (Vincent) actions. Nothing that a dose of playing time ....and medication can't cure . Brezec is now known as Primo ' Prozac ' Brezec !
Lucky for Prozac , I mean , Brezec , that the Raps are not playing in NY and that it was the Academy Awards night . Knicks' die hard Spike Lee was at the Kodak Theater laughing at Oscar host J. Stewart's jokes. But deep inside Spike was kinda sad I'm sure . Not only was his Knicks beaten by a team led by foreign players - Andrea Bargnani's 25 points and Jose Calderon's excellent playmaking , his man Danzel's American Gangster was shut out of the major awards ..... by foreign players of the celluloid screen !


Blogger John said...

As for tonight's game against the Pacers, the banch needed to step it up.

Much more so it had to be Carlos Delfino...

6:17 AM  
Anonymous said...

thanks coach, for a while there, it felt like i was the only guy who saw primo's cherry picking. i still like him. anytime a slovenian calls his black head coach gangsta; well, you gotta sign that guy to a long term contract...that's all i'm saying!

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrea Bargnani showed in this game that he can be aggressive if he wants to.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Amboy said...

Real Non American Gangsters are Calderon and Delfino.

7:26 AM  
Blogger arsenalist said...

Dont' mind Clyde, he can't come out and say "The Knicks are a disgrace" so he'll choose to focus on any negative he can find on the other team. He's usually pretty fair but the frustration is getting to him.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Eddy said...

i've never thought i'd say this but i'm kinda excited about the raps - bobcats matchup sunday... a little.

12:42 PM  
Blogger john said...

The real American Gangsters are the Knicks.They continue to steal their fans' money with their heineous brand of basketball.

12:53 PM  

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