Saturday, February 16

Jemario Will Make TO Forget About VC , Finally ?

Jemario Moon will be in the centerstage tonight with the Slam Dunk contest finally on the way. Moon have some large shoes to fill as far as Toronto fans are concern. He's got VC 's stinking shoes to fill. The Raptors fans can't seem to forget VC. They still booed him after all these years as evidenced by their reactions when the New Jersey Nets played (with) the Raps last Wednesday night. The NBA world is looking forward to Moon's dunks after viewing his you tube teaser . The video showed his feet jumping way pass the foul line. Did he really took off from that spot and dunk ? Maybe , it's just the video game Moon like the images shown on the right photo. I'm reminded of the time when Josh Smith placed masking tapes on some spots on the court before his dunk in the previous SD contest. People thought then that Josh will take off from one of the marked spots which were really far from from the rim . Nothing is farther from the truth . Josh made the marks only to guide his path towards the basket. ' He should have not taped the floor. People were misled to believing he will jump from those spots ' said TNT's Kenny Smith who incidentally picked Moon to be the next SD champion. Charles Barkley , a fellow Alabaman like Moon ( that makes them , Alabamen ) does'nt seem as enamored as Smith of Moon. That's one vote less for Barkley should he decide to run for Governor of Alabama. One thing sure though , Barkley is voting for Barack Obama ! Jemario Moon will regret his you tube trailer if he cannot accomplish what Dr. J , MJ , and KJ (that's Vince Carter ) failed to do before him- take off from way pass the foul line. Otherwise , Moon should do better in the trailer business. No , not the kind that proliferate in post Katrina New Orleans ( site of this year's All Star ). I meant, the movie trailer business !


Blogger arsenalist said...

Jamario should've just shut up and done his thing. Expectations were way too high and that's his fault. I don't know why he did that tape thing when he could've just gone up and dunked it. The judges were looking at the tape the whole way and when he stepped a foot the wrong way, they docked him points.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamario is another Josh Smith.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous josh said...

VC won't be forgotten anytime soon.Not as long as the TNT announcers will keep their viewers reminded of his spectacular performance in 2000 SLAM DUNK contest.Moon's performance last Sat.highlighted VC's achievement even more.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Shinyhubcaps said...

Why did you steal my Jamario Moon pics from NBA 2K8? There are plenty of images of the man on the Internet.

4:05 AM  

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