Thursday, February 14

Half Man , Half Amazon .

It's halftime in the NBA . It's time to grade the Raptors' performance the 1st half of the current season. Many homos ( for homo sapiens) fans will give the Raps a B+ . Even an A- . Not me . I will give the Raps a ----. In this afternoon TV/radio simulcast of his sports talkshow , Bob McCowan asked Raptors basketball Analyst Jack Armstrong how he rates the 1st half performance of Toronto's basketball team . ' They are OK. In the 15 winning teams of the NBA this season , the Raptors will be in the bottom 3rd of the pack ' said Jack.That's why Jack is the half acceptable of the 3 men in the Raptors TV booth . He's not ultra homer like Chuckie or uber ' know it all ' like Leo. Jack is OK ... like the Raps now ( according to Jack) . I guess , Jack is a glass half full , half empty guy . Or more appropriately , half fool , half empty guy !
Jack's semi off tangent assesment reminds of a lady named F-----. She's a knockout and smart too. But something is wrong with her eyes . Why ? She insists that the delicate beauty , Keira Knightley , of the '08 Oscar nominated film Atonement is not beautiful..... and worst , that she's manly. Keira an Amazonic beauty ? Arrhgg. Kiera is definitely not manly ! Just like many Raptors fans can't see straight when it comes to their beloved team. It's obvious that the Raptors 1) can't play defense 2) have no consistent go to guy 3) have mediocre inside play. The worst is that the Raptors are not manly . Just like Keira , the Raptors are feminine when it comes rough and rugged plays of the NBA . They are soft , Keira soft . In fact , the Raptors can be called KeiRaptors !

ira : Me , manly ? I wonder why .


Blogger Time Intact said...

As annoying as Jack Armstrong's voice may sound, he's the least homer between the pack of Rapts TV analysts. He doesn't sugarcoat anything and even makes off-hand comments which are often hilarious.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that the Raptors have no consistent go to player. Especially now that T.J. Ford is out.T.J. wants to be in charge when the game is on the line more than Bosh.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Amboy said...

Raptors = marsmallow.

7:23 PM  
Blogger film critic said...

Keiraptors . LOL dude. Your friend is W R O N G .Ms.Knightley is as feminine as a tampoon !

7:47 PM  

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