Tuesday, February 19

Kapono Hoists 3 Point Shooting Trophy ... And Trophy Wife !

Why isn't Jason Kapono logging more minutes ? This question was asked over and over again during the recently concluded All Star weekend in New Orleans. Even TNT's panel wondered why the back to back 3 shooting point King failed to convince coach Sam Mitchell he's not only a pretty boy but he has a pretty good game to boot ! ' The Raptors overpaid for Kapono ' added one of the panelist. I wonder if B.C. used all the team's free agent money just to get a fellow paisano in Raps' uniform ? I could understand if B.C. overpaid to get JK's wife in a Raptors dancer's uni ! Talking about player's mate , why do I get the feeling that CB4's girlfriend is another Mrs. Antonio Davis . She looks the dominating type , if not annoying . She was shown miggling with NBA All Stars 'Melo , LBJ and of course Bosh. The other wives and GFs were in the background . Uh oh .Bosh should think very hard before commiting to her.' Why is Bosh's GF's forehead big ? my wife asked. ' Simple. That means , she is wise ' I answered. Uh oh again. Not Mrs. Paul Mc Cartney wise . Let's see Chris use his vaunted fast 1st step to drive past another big man ... err , big forehead .
The importance of choosing the right partner is really important for NBA stars. The divorce situ in the NBA scene is not as brutal as Hollywood 's but it is approaching that. Proofs are the recent divorces of Shaq , DWade , Jason Kidd and VC . Why ? In the case of DWade , who was tied up with his 'old' wife since in high school , he is surely in search of a trophy. Naw , not the NBA trophy but a trophy wife !

Chris' GF
: Go CB4head ! Go CB4head ! Go CB4head !


Anonymous Raps Fan said...

the best parts of both davis and carter leaving was that davis' wife and carters mom left too.

hopefully she wont get on tv, and open her big mouth.

that forehead is freaky deaky too.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Time Intact said...

"Why is Bosh's GF's forehead big ?" LOL that's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the all-star game!!

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope she is not another Jackie Christie.She is the original NBA desperate ly (seeking attention)housewife.

12:02 PM  

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