Wednesday, April 2

Curry Not In A Hurry

News was that NCAA sensation and son of ex Raptor Dell Curry is not exactly eager to go pro this coming NBA draft. Good for him. Stephen Curry who averaged an unbelievable 30 points during small school Davidson in March Madness run will be a tween at this stage. Not polished enough to be a point guard and not big enough to be a scoring guard. He will be like ex Raptor Juan Dixon - forced to play PG unsuccesfully by Sam . Curry should use this summer and next year to improve his passing and playmaking skills . And the summer leading to 2009 draft too. He can tranform himself to another Tony Parker (of the SA Spurs) . If Curry plays his cards well , he will have a solid career in the pro circuit. If he does not play his cards well .....hmm , well , Stephen can always play poker in the poker pro circuit.
Which brings me to the subject of this coming draft. Why is BC personally scouting draft prospects in Europe . He should have learned his lessons very well in the light of Andrea Bargnani's case. It just pathetic to see Bargs sitting on the bench even in the game vs. the lowly Charlotte Bobcats last Monday. His stat line -0 point , 2 rebounds and 0 assist in 7 minutes of playing time. This is how low the number 1 NBA overall pick has sunk. I'd say Bargs is no better than the Nets Bostjan Nachbar or the Nuggets' Kleiza . Both are not number 1 pick. Enough of this overated and softie Euros , Colangelo. Unless you are talking about euros , the currency. It's the only euros rising in value here in N.America. Lookit , Italian Marco Belinelli is KO'd on the Warriors' bench like Rocky while Frenchman Gelabale was sent to the D league by the Sonics before his injury completely sidelined him. And then there is high priced Beckham reduced to a spectator and seen watching a Lakers' game recently. Ooops . That's a Euro star in another sport. That Brit flopped instead of bending his body like Beck... like the Spice Girls. Besides , isn't Asst.GM , Mauricio G. supposed to handle Euro recruiting. Just stay in N.America , Brian and watch Curry shoot the lights out of the arena . Try listening to local advisers for a change. Just as long as he's not Obama's pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you think about Tj Ford starts the games and Calderon isn`t "titular"?

2:35 PM  
Blogger coach said...

i think eventuall , the raps will choose jose to be the no.1 point guard. b.c. needs to showcase tj for interested teams.

7:18 PM  

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