Sunday, March 16

More Roadside Bombings

0-3 and 2 more to go. Yup. The road ahead seems peppered with bombs or IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device ) as the Raptors continue their western trip. Tonight , the Raps will face the Sacto Kings. Expect the same rude treatment from another running team. ' We played hard but we've got to have a better start ' said coach Sam Mitchell after going down to the Golden State Warriors . Sam can't say the same thing in the case of their most recent loss to the Denver Nuggets. They were completely blown away allowing the Nuggs to score 79 points in the 1st half ! Wow. What happened Sam ? I'll tell you what . You did not play smart ball. The Raps tried to run with the bulls. Bullshit . The Warriors and the Nuggets are both excellent running teams who can run all night. TO tried but it has no way of matching their opponents. The Raps tried very hard with TJ Ford (TJ must mean Trying Jard ) but they failed miserably. TO lapsed into to's - turnovers - which resulted to easy baskets by their opponents. The Raptors running is like a running toilet. It's wasteful. ' Men are wired differently from us ' chorused the women of the TV show The View in explaining the actions of disgraced NY Governor Elliot Pritzer after he was caught in the call girl/ sex scandal . That's it. The Raps are wired differently from the run and gun western teams . If they are to win , TO must play deliberate ball. It must consume close to 24 secs before making an attempt at the basket. Forget the running game Sam. TO is not wired to run . The Raptors are good in running only in one thing . They run well only when there is a basketball fight in the hardcourt !
Tonight is the Raptors best chance of scoring a roadkill. After the Kings , they will face the Utah Jazz - just another team with an excellent winning record. If Sam won't change his strategy , expect a fruitless road trip. Sam and the fans will explode like IEDs . No roadkill means roadrage !


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