Wednesday, April 23

Rise Raptors Rise !

Now it's 0-2. Can the Raptors come back ? Can they muster the strength to win game 3 at least ? Can they do a Hillary ? ' Clinton is like Chumbawhamba. She gets knocked down but she gets up again and again ' said the CNN guy this morning after HC won the Pennysylvania primary by 10 points over Barack Obama. This morning also , I heard it over 590 AM that at least the basketball game last night was entertaining . Unlike game 1. Toronto has 2 chances to win the game but Bosh 'chickened' out ! First , he failed to get a foul called on Dwight Howard when he drove to the basket . The ball was blocked and midget Jameer Nelson rebounded and ran away with the ball like that ghome in the Travelocity commercial .The next time, Bosh has the ball with 9 secs left but he opted to make a jumper instead of attacking the basket. Poor decision making. ' I don't want to put the game in the hands of the refs ' answered CB4 when asked why he did not drive to the basket . Huh ? The zebras wanted to put , in fact , put the game in Raptors hands. Before that play , a ref called a questionable offensive foul on Magic's Kenyon Dooling ! ' What do you call the Academy Awards in Spanish ' said the TNT announcer after witnessing Jose Calderon's performance worthy of an Oscar just to call the attention of the refs to Dooling's puny moves. I don't know how the likes of Gasol and Garbajosa call Jose's antics but I guess one can say Hasta La Vista , baby if the Raps fail to win at home !
Me thinks that Bosh was afraid of D Ho. Afraid that his shot will be blocked . Afraid that he will be crumpled again like a beer can in the hands of a goon in a Toronto bar. Or maybe , Bosh was just suffering from collision trauma . Oh my gosh. Bosh's punishments in this game were nothing compared to what King James got so far from the Wizards. Maybe Stephen A. is right. Bosh needs to bulk up . Or just appear tough , huh ? I can just imagine a tough looking and thrash talking Bosh. Ooops . Not that . Maybe , Bosh just needs to say his prayers before each game in this series. ' Glory Be To The Father , To The Son , To Dwight Howard.......


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