Wednesday, May 7

10 Real Reasons Why Suck Is Leaving The Raptors

No.10 Suck was denied Canadian citizenship despite what was reported in the papers. He is actually one of 40,000 missing illegals in Canada !

No.9 His prediction of 50 wins by the Raptors this season did not come true. Maybe , he said , Chicago has a betterer chance of getting that number of wins with Mike D'Antoni coaching there next season. Take that Sam .

No. 8 He is returning to Chicago to be Illinois Senator Barack Obama's play by play announcer.' Barack goes to the basket versus the whole North Carolina team ...'

.No. 7 MLSE refused to increase his reported Cdn.$ 300,000 annual salary . How can I feed my family with the current exchange rate vis a vis the American dollar ?

No. 6 Suck wants to join Chicago because he thinks the Bulls are more exciting. How many times has the mascot-Benny The Bull- been in trouble huh Dino ?

No. 5 Jamario Moon refused to give him a 'facial' , whatever that means .

No. 4 Jack Armstrong forced him to return to the States so he can take over as the voice of the Raptors. Another Gringo soon to apply for Canadian citizenship . Recession is really now in the States huh Jack ?

No. 3 He is really the 1st victim of GM Bryan Colangelo's major revamp of the Raptors. The next is the ACC mop girl.

No. 2 ACC wants to save on salami and cheese sandwich as well as onions baby onions. Have you not heard of world food crisis , Chuckee Cheese ?

And the number 1 real reason why Suck is leaving the Raptors to join the Bulls is because he is a real bullshiter !


Anonymous said...

good ridance!

11:35 AM  
Blogger Time Intact said...

"Jamario Moon refused to give him a 'facial' , whatever that means." LOL that's just cold!

10:35 PM  

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