Thursday, April 24

D Ho To Fly W/out The Superman Cape To TO.

THEN : Howard : I need my Superman cape and fly in this dunk contest .

NOW : Howard : I need my broom to fly to ACC in TO. Sweep , hi,hi,hi.


Blogger John said...

Maybe Superman and his Magic Man simply forgot that this is Jurassic Park. Not any type of ball playground.

But you've got to give the most credit the Raps point guard. As if the both of them were having they're own version Rap Battle.

I can't think of any team that has this luxury in that department. I guess this is where the Raps could utilize to win this series.

Another win to tie this series and another to turn the whole city Metropolis into Dinasour park. We believe!!!!

Vamos vamos Raptors!!!!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not so fast Dwight.

11:55 AM  
Blogger John said...

So looks like the good times for Carlos DELFINO and the Raptors have come to an end. The Orlando Magic defeated the Raptors 102-92 to win the series 4-1.

In today’s game, the showed tremendous amount of fighting spirit to stay alive in this series. Both of their point guard, TJ and CALDERON played well, Chris BOSH showed plenty of determination and Carlos was the sixth man for them.

Tonight DELFINO posted 14 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists & 2 steals to finish of what turns out to be his best ever season in his NBA career.

Remember he had a lot of tough times in Detroit. There were plenty of uncertainties about his arrival to the Raps squad. But like Luis SCOLA, he has proven that he can play in the NBA.

On some occasion when others could not deliver, he provides the much needed sparks that the Raptors needed from the bench. He steps in for BOSH when the latter was out injured.

I will be looking forward to see how would the Raptors regroup for next season. Till then, I would like to give thanks to the numerous comments that we’ve received from the entire Raps blogging community.


6:46 AM  

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