Friday, May 9

TJ On The Move Again And Moi Is Still In Search Of An NBA Job ?

This is turning out to be a repeat of the Milwaukee Bucks scenario. I mean , the reason why TJ Ford was moved by the Bucks was that the management of the Bucks thought that the team had a surplus of point guards 3 years ago. The Bucks traded TJ to Toronto for Charle V and made Mo Williams their starting point guard. Now that Jose Calderon made known his desire to be a starting guard next season , the Raptors will have no choice but to let go of TJ. I bet the Raptors will hold on the the Espanol. Tsk , tsk tsk . I hate to say this , but I told you so. When the Raps acquired TJ , I wrote then that B.C. made his 1st big mistake . Not only did he failed to recognize Charlie V's value but also that Jose is a 1st rate guard worthy of a starting job. I wrote then that the Raptors just need to draft a back up point guard or get one from the free agent market. Available then were Pargo , Williams and Vaughn among talented back ups. Whew . I keep asking myself , why despite being the Nostradamus of the hoop world , I am still not hired by any NBA team or the even just the Raptors ? I'm not picky . I am willing to start at the top , say as a GM , and for a salary equal to the annual budget of a Third World nation.
Talking about nations , the US is set to elect their 1st basketball playing President. Barack Obama is almost sure to be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate and he is expected to beat Republican John Mc Cain. Obama said he will install a basketball court in the White House when he assumes office. Obama's election to the highest office in the US will be good for the game of basketball. And good for world peace too. Just imagine Obama doing basketball diplomacy with previously unreachable and recalcitrant heads of states . N. Korea's Kim Jong Il is a devoted NBA and MJ fan . Cuba's Fidel Castro is a long time fan of hoops. Even the Hamas are practioners of fastbreak basketball. Huh , what ? Just watch the Palestinians throw rocks at the Israelis like they are starting a fastbreak. Peace .


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