Monday, June 9

High Def Or High Deaf !

It's interesting to note how the 2 American networks tried to sell the championship series to their audience. First , NBC with the recently concluded Stanley Cup won by Detroit Red Wings in 6 games against the 'young' Pittsburg Penguins and currently , ABC with the Boston - LA NBA battle . The excecutives at the peacock network were extra excited when the Penguins made it to the finals. They reckoned that with Sid ' The Kid ' Crosby headlining the match between 2 hockey towns , the ratings will be a sure hit . But alas , the games of the Stanley Cup failed to even break the Nielsens rating for the week of May 26-June 1. What the 4#$@% ! It proved that currently , Crosby is not a major attraction . ' Crosby is not a crossover star yet ' said the fat host of Pardon The Interruption TV show . The Lebron James of the puckworld failed to pull the TV ratings up despite Crosby's achievements at such an early age . Some people in Canada said it is not Crosby who will save the NHL (in the U.S.). ' It's high definition TV that will save hockey ' shouted a recent article in the local papers to those who have difficulty hearing .
Over here in Canada , the hockey series fared a lot better despite the lack of a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup finals . Canadians are used to watching pucks even amidst snowstorm. No need for high def here . On the other hand , the NBA has what you might call a dream match up . For the 1st time in more than 20 years , the Celtics and the Lakers are in the Finals again . What more can Comm. Stern ask for ? It's like having Indiana Jones and the Ironman in the same movie. The 1st game of the NBA Finals was up 38% from the previous year. That's over there in the south of the border. I am sure as the series reaches the 6th or the 7th game , excitement will reach ultra high. TSN is carrying the games here in Canada . As Canadians are aware , TSN carry its programs in high definition . Not that high def is needed to increase the support of the locals to basketball. How about high sports IQ ?


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