Monday, May 26

Wanted : AndyMen

There is the opportunity for the Raptors to toughen up. Rumor is that the Chicago Bulls are ready to unload Andres Nacioni once they have Beasley in the fold. 'Andy ' Nacioni is one tough bull from Pampas. He irritates opponents with his no nonsense defense and rugged offense. Just what the gooddy gooddy Raps need. Give 'em T.J. or give them puberty . The Bulls are a young bunch needing growing up. Look at J. Noah . Arrested for mj possesion. MJ ? Not Michael Jordan to Bulls fans.
Another Andy . Andy Varejao is reportedly ready to be unloaded by the Cavaliers' management. Note that in the last 2 games versus the Celtics , Big Ben Wallace was used more often by coach Brown. That means , Varejao is on the way out. Who knows how his hold out at the start of the season damaged his reputation to the Cavs management and fans . So what are you waiting for B.C. ? Move yer ass .And NOW. These 'Andys' will give your team the toughness and the rebounds sorely lacking in the Raptors arsenal. It's good to get even just Andy V. I'm sure the Portuguese/Brazilian communities in TO which normally come out every 4 years to cheer for their World Cup teams will welcome this Andy.Whether ' offensive ' Andy N or no offense Andy V. , Bryan needs to get one of these guys . Who will be Bryan's first choice ? If you ask First Choice hair saloon , you know who that is !


Blogger Time Intact said...

Oh if we get Nocioni...I'll be so happy you have no idea..I've been vouching for this guy for a looong time now!

12:44 AM  

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