Friday, June 20

B.C. Needs B.C. Formula !

As NBA draft day nears , I'm sure B.C. is busy . Extra busy or at least , busier than before. Why ? MLSE and the Raptor fans will ask for more now that the rebuilding is on its 4th year. In fact , it should not be called rebuilding at this stage ! Fans who sang B.C. hossanahs the previous seasons are all set to sing him boosanah . Why not ? They were told in year 4 , the Raptors are just about ready to compete for the NBA eastern conference title at least. I listened to Mike Wilbon respond to his partner at PTI whether the Celtics are ready to repeat as NBA champs next year and perhaps start a dynasty . ' It's possible. Detroit is shaking up its line up . King James and the Cavs are still in need of a good back up . Orlando is still young and Washington may be losing Arenas ' Wilbon talked on and on citing 3 other teams but not Toronto. Poor Raps . They are not even in the radar of most knowledgeable NBA followers.
Think very hard ... and fast B.C. Can't you hear the footsteps ... and these are getting louder. If your former colleague , Mike D'Antoni, can be ejected from his seat with the Suns despite a winning record the past seasons ( unlike the Raps who are stuck in the 1st round the last 2 season ), for sure another Steve Kerr is waiting to kick yer ass. So what now B.C ? Simple .The answer can be found in your intials B.C. . Adopt the B.C. formula. Do it the Boston Celtics way ! Get your own KG , Ray Ray and supporting cast to partner with CB4 and watch the team turnaround , pronto.


Blogger Time Intact said...

haha, if only huh? I still can't believe Boston won it all to tell you the truth, but who the hell would we get for our big three? I'm guessing we'd have Bosh as our original just as Pierce was for Boston, and then from there..?

5:00 PM  
Blogger coach said...

t.i. - b.c. is doing it the b.c. way now . news have it that he is going for o'neal . that's the kg equivalent . the raps have plenty of ray allen clones - 3 pt. shooting is the raps strenght . getting someone like diaw + barbosa will equal the 3rd guy in the 'big 3' formula !

12:10 PM  

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