Wednesday, July 9

' Goin' Back To Indiana , Indiana Here I Come '.

Free agents signing starts today with a bang... or is it with a boing, depending on who the teams acquired ? Elton Brand is set to join Philadelphia . That's a bang . Mikael Pietrus will hook up with Orlando.... a likely boing . Elton can play except the piano. The other Elton can do that. A certified 20/10 guy --that's 20 points and 10 rebounds per game- Brand can make the Sixers a contender this coming season. Pietrus is a 20/10 baller too . I meant , he has a 20/10 court vision . All he knows is how to shoot from all angles even from the bench as a member of the Warriors. Come to think of it , Don Nelson's men are supposed to do just that. The hell with other facets of the game. In any case , these 2 developments in the Eastern conference spell trouble for the Raptors. These will surely make it hard for the Raps to go past the Magic who beat them in the 1st round in this year's playoffs or even to hang on to the no. 6 spot in the Eastern conference with emergence of the 76ers as one of the powers in the East. It will all defend on how healthy the new Raptor Jermaine O'Neal will be .' Jermaine comes out early in the off season unlike most NBA players who usually don't start practicng until June ' said famed NBA trainer Joe Abunassar. Hey , Trainer To The Stars . O'Neal starts his season early because the Pacers end their past 3 seasons early too !
Talking about the newest Raptor who the team will intro today to the fans and the TO media . I don't why B.C. and Co. need to do that. O'Neal is already known to most NBA followers since he entered the NBA as a Trailblazer straight from high school . One thing about Jermaine, the guy is not lacking in self confidence. Even as a benchwarmer in the star studded Portland team in his early years . Jermaine proclaimed himself as a future All Star. He eventually became a 3 time All Star with the Indiana Pacers. Will Jermaine regain the form that made him a member of the NBA All Star starting 5 ? Not sure . Oh well , if anything else fails , Jermaine can always come back to Indy as a member of the Jackson 5 !

Jermaine ' Tito' Jackson :Sweeeeet !


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