Sunday, September 7

The NBA Vs. The WNBA , Politics Style

Basketball is at the center of U.S. politics. It became so when Barack Obama grabbed center stage as a candidate for Democratic presidential nomination . You probably has seen numerous pics and video clips of Barack then known as 'Barry' playing ball in his early years in Hawaii to the latest 3 0n 3 game he has with some U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq. If you have not , go google it . Just type ' Obama , balls 'or something like that. And now here comes Sarah Barracuda . That my friend is the nom de guerre of Sarah Palin the sexy Republican Vice Presidential candidate when she was a high school basketball player from small town in her native Alaska. The hottest hockey Mom , now Governor of Alaska , was a ferocious guard ala Isiah Thomas during her early years in Waisila , You are still not convinced . Just google ' Sarah , balls ' . Maybe not . Anyway , there was Barry Obama and .....Sarah Barrycuda once upon a time .
What a coup for David Stern. 1st the redemption in Beijing and now , the U.S. election . Whoever wins , basketball wll be the main beneficiary . I laughed when I heard a guest in PrimeTime Sports said ' the NHL should take advantage of the hockey mom tag associated with Sarah Palin '. What ? No chance . The game is basketball , my friend . The only question is , who will win in the match between Obama vs. Palin, Barry vs. Barrycuda , Hawaii 5-0 vs. Northern Exposure. Obama wants to play Sarah to a game of one on one basketball. That's a sure hit pay for view spectacle. If I'm Stern or Jerry Colangelo , I will sponsor this event . I'll promote this match as Obama versus Hot Mama !