Friday, November 30

U.S.A. Set To Invade Canada !

Yes sir . Former US Rep. and now TV host of Morning Joe at MSNBC , Joe Scarborough said 'the U.S. should invade Canada to save the children there '. He justified his proposal this way ' Imagine 8 year olds fighting in a sporting event '. Scarborough added that he was aghast at seeing young kids engaged in full brawl during a hockey game ! The incident is not isolated of course. Only in Canada ! It's time to turn these puckheads to the real game. The game for nigxxrs said a somebody I know who is a relatively new Canadian immigrant from Poland. Her husband, a native Canuck , is not as ignorant but clueless about how fun basketball is. 'I don't know that basketball is so exciting ' said he when he watched a live playoff game between the Cavs and the Pistons last year during a business trip to Cleveland. Definitely more exciting than a pathetic Maple Leafs' game !
Good if the US will annex Canada. Then I would not be barraged with hockey 24/7. I would not suffer from hockey diarrhea ! There will be no overdose of talking heads on all 3 sports channels of Canada overanalyzing everything hockey. I would not have to endure the lousy play of overpaid but error prone Bryan Mc Cabe , of falling star Mats Sundin and of puck bully Darcy Tucker . No more grouchy Bobcat of Sportsnet and annoying TSN's Mike L. on TV. Hmm .Wait . That means I will be inundated with the likes of ESPN's Stephen A. (for asshole) Smith and loud Jim Rome . Instead of puck bullies, I will be subjected to a nightly dose of Bad Boy Artest , Capt. Jack and 'Sheed Wallace and his mouth ! Not good. Barricade the borders quick ! We are going to war !

Thursday, November 29

What's In Your Wallet , Sam ?

Plenty . The Raptors' coach managed to win and win big versus often rumored replacement , Memphis Grizzlies' coach Marc Ivaroni last night , 103-91. Toronto weathered the loss of big men Chris Bosh (in the 1st quarter) and Andrea Bargnani ( in the 4th quarter) on top of TJ Ford absence for 5th consecutive game . The NBA TV team dubbed the Raps as the Walking Wounded. Oh yeah . What would Alridge call the Grizzlies then ? Dead Men Playing !
It's good that the Griz have the habit of blowing hot and cold in consecutive games.The 1st time this season the 2 met in Elvisland , the Grizz shot poorly after a high 54% shooting percentage in the game prior to meeting the Raps. The Raps whupped Pau and Co. then.This time , Memphis was coming off a hard fought victory against the Nets the day before. Oh well . No one stays hot forever. Not even the King Of Rock and Roll. Only the pick and roll of Senor Jose Calderon who registered another double double last night (10 pts.,13 asst.). If I am TJ , I will return to work immediately. I'll set aside my iPod , plasma TV and CD . TJ , you don't want a different kind of CD believe me. The kind that is attach to your name in the boxscore : DNP-CD . Did Not Play-Coach's Decision !

Wednesday, November 28

Do You Want A BJ .......Or A TJ ?

The question most Raptors' fans are asking is whether TJ Ford or Jose Calderon should be the main point guard of the team.The past 2 games , Jose Calderon was simply fantastico in the absence of the injured TJ Ford . Jose's assist to turnover ratio was simply unbelievable. Every paper noted his sterling play be it in TO or elsewhere.The same is true with every NBA TV team . Against the Chicago Bulls last Sunday , Jose out hinrick the Bulls' steady PG, Kirk Hinrick. It's embarrasing to watch Kirk run after Jose like a dog in heat. If I were you Jose , I would not turn my back on Kirk like that in the photo .
Not so fast TJ detractors. Remember , TJ is a better scorer that Jose. TJ is Mr. Guts and Glory personified . Never afraid to take the big shots or the so called money shots .The guy is faster than a speeding bullet and an excellent penetrator ! Without TJ , the Raptors' vaunted outside shots will be less dangerous. He drives , makes the other team's defense collapse on him then kicks the ball out to the open man. TJ is so fast he changes clothes 100x a day in a whiff (see photo) .
Bryan Colangelo has his work cut out for him come the end of the season. No , right now. The current situ proves what I've been saying earlier. TJ or BJ needs to play major minutes . No more (almost) equal sharing of the PG duties. Either give TJ 30 mins. or so every game or BJ for that matter to maximize each player's talent . Sam needs to play BJ more no matter if TJ pouts on the bench (as he often does) or play TJ more no matter if it means losing Jose at the end of the season. All duet must come to an end anyway. Look at Sonny and Cher , Simon And Garfunkel and lately , George Bush and Karl Rove ! Make a choice who you want to be your numero uno PG .TJ Ford or Back up Jose ?

Sunday, November 25

Raps Beat The Washington Generals AKA The Chicago Bulls

It's just right that a former member of the Harlem Globetrotters led the Raptors in beating the Chicago Bulls, 93-78. Former Trotter Jamario Moon blocked 6 shots and played an all around game (15 pts./9 rebs./3 steals). Coach Scott Skiles' men, or should I say boys, are pathetic as usual. They don't seem to want to win except win the Megalotto to enable them to retire early. The ACC sellout crowd was esctatic nevertheless. I don't know why . The Bulls were expected to lose like the patsy Washington Generals are every night to the Globetrotters . The Raps barely beat the Bulls. The margin of victory became wide only in the closing minutes of the last quarter. I think the fans of the Toronto Raptors are just happy they won at home . Call it the Maple Leaf syndrome !
I don't watch the game via the Canadian TV feed . You know why. This afternoon , I tried CBC's telecast of the game. As usual, the Raptors team of Chuck Swirsky and Leo Rautins treated Canadian basketball fans to exaggerations if not misleading statements. Leo said that Moon takes only good shots . He he . If the Raps lost like they did to the Cavs the previous day , I wonder what Leo will say about those consecutive missed long shots in the 4th quarter ? Also , the guy was all praise for Sam Mitchell for the way he turned around the team's fortunes last year. I wonder what the 2 will say when Sam is out of TO ? Ask VC ! Things were noticeably different though. Chuck dropped his 'salami and cheese' line and there is no more constant reference by the 2 to Leo's so called NBA career . After all , a recent SI article belittled Leo's NBA stint by stating that " the Canadian national team touts coach Leo Rautins as a Canadian basketball icon. His NBA career : a whole 32 games as a Philadelphia 76er and the Atlanta Hawks over the 1983-84 and 1984-85 seasons ". The internet made honest people of these two guys. Still, Leo made reference to Moon's finger roll move to the basket as being like those made by his 76er teammate, Dr. J. Teammate for less than a month !

Saturday, November 24

What Bryan Colangelo Really Meant To Say !

It's really cool that B.C. chose his words carefully when he assessed the Raptors' performance at this stage of the season when the team's record stands at 6-6. Unlike then neophtype NBA GM Rob Babcock who made the mistake of declaring that the Raptors would be 'uncompetitive' in his 1st year as the top honcho of the Dinos. Babcock found out that you cannot do that if the owner(s) of the team is a corporation especially Maple Leaf And Entertaintment (MLSE). A few days after making that truthful declaration , Babcock was forced to issue a statement to clarify the hot issue with a glowing assesment of the team no matter how untrue. You see , working for MLSE is like working for Pres. Bush . Ask his Bush's former Press Secretary Scott Mc Clellan who's advance excerpt from his book What Happened is simply bombastic . You can get away with lying if one is as pretty as the present White House Spokesperson Dana Perino shown on the right photo.
Back to B.C.'s statements made yesterday to Toronto Star's Dou Smith.I deciphered and translated each one by one using the Hillary Clinton's Book Of Double Speak.

BC's statement no.1 : We've been a little inconsistent and arguably underachieved record-wise.
Translation : The team sucks bigtime !

BC's statement no.2 : We anticipated that Garbo (Jorge Garbajosa) would be a major factor but does'nt turned out to be the case.
Translation : Let the guy freeze on the bench for defying my wishes !

BC's tatement no.3 : There've been all kinds of lopsided victories and losses out there. It' a telling sign that teams are still finding out themselves .
Translation : Enough of this show and tell. On with the real games !

And lastly , BC's statement no 4 about the coming 5 of 6 home games : Maybe we can get on a roll here.
Translation : If we lose all soon to come 5 home games , Sam's head will roll !

Sunday, November 18

Raps Fail To Stop (Prison) Break By The Warriors !

The Toronto Raptors dissapoint again. Air Canada's sellout Sunday afternoon crowd went home shaking their heads once more at the up and down performance of the Raptors this season . Chris Bosh was missing in action as well as his all important foul shots near the end of the game. Oh right , it's crunch time . The usual dissapearing act of the franchise player near the end of the game . Andrea Bargnani barely improved his game with a measly 12 points but was (as usual) sitting on the bench majority of the 4th quarter ! What happen to the prediction of many that this season will be Bargs break out year ? The dude can't even break out of a prison even if the guards are sleeping and the cell key is within reach ! Bargnani stayed on the Raps' bench so long his teammates thought he's a towel holder (right photo) . Maybe, Chuck Swirsky needs to call Andrea , Benchnani the next time !
I kinda anticipated the loss by the Raps this afternoon. You see , coach Sam Mitchell's men are known to be soft to the Warriors and the rest of the NBA . Although Golden State is not a defensive minded team , they like to intimidate softies like they did the Mavs for a monumental upset in last season's opening round playoff. To Stephen Jackson and Co., looks alone can kill err , I mean , can win ballgames . Ask them whiteys like Dirk , Bargs , Kapono and Delfino. Athletic guys like Jamario Moon are OK but the Warriors eat them for breakfast when the going gets tough. Just compare the clean shaven almost tatooless Raps vs. the men from Alcatraz . Don't ever wonder therefore that Toronto faltered in the end after leading most of the way. ' We made spurts at the right time and they did'nt ' said coach Don Nelson of Golden State. TJ Ford who was the lone Raptor to battle the Warriors with 29 points agreed ' They outhustled us , made shots and we did'nt ' said TJ . Yes TJ , the Warriors outhustled the Raps . They are hustlers all !

Stephen Jackson : Intimidating ? I'm so cute one fan went crazy over my photo !

Friday, November 16

B.C.'s Discards . How They Are Doing?

Hers are how 3 former Raptors - Mo Pete , Matt Bonner and Mike James- are doing in their current teams which are all in the same division and better records than the 4-4 Raptors .

1. Morris Peterson . The man everybody called Mo Pete is doing quite well as a member of the starting unit of the surging Hornets (7-2) of the sinking New Orleans. I followed every game of his new team and so far, he is fitting like a condom in his cock , err I mean , coach' plan. ' Peterson stays in the corner(s) of the court for his shots ' said the Hornets' TV announcers. Just like in ACC. Only , Chris Paul finds him especially when he is hot. Like last Wednesday ,when the Raps struggled in their shooting,, Mo Pete was super hot. Mo Pete drilled 16 points on four 3 points shots in the 1st quarter enroute to a team high 27 points ! His teammates were cheering every shot of Mo Pete from the bench . Take that Colangelo !

2. Matt Bonner . Why do they, the Spurs TV guys , still call Bonner the Red Rocket ? How inappropriate. The red rocket transport is only in TO ! The hombre is now in San Antonio (7-2) and barely throws his howitzers ! Just call him the Red Sombrero or even better , the Red Cuchero ! Actually , Bonner is playing more minutes now than his 1st season with the Spurs. Occasionally , Bonner gets to shoot 3 points shots when Duncan or Parker kicks the ball his way. Less playing time ? No problem . Matt has more time now to sign his autograph ( photo) and be paid for this . He will be able to earn money from the proceeds of autograph signing so he can buy an automobile! Bonner is happy to get his NBA championship ring although he told Chuck Swirsky the ring stays in his laundry box !

3. Mike James . James seems to thrive better in the Rockets' fast face offense than in the Timberwolves' KG oriented offense. Although James is not in the starting unit of Houston (6-3) , he finds himself playing more than another former Raptor Rafer Alston and disgruntled Steve Francis. Many Raps' fans do not like the high scoring James for his propensity to shoot too much. Ha ! TJ Ford is Mike James all over again. It's because no one wants to be the leader of the Raptors during crunch times , stupid fans . At least , TJ or James before him, is willing to take the responsibility of taking over the game. In MJ , Yao and T Mac found another offensive option. This means MJ does'nt have to shoot much . James is so in love with T Mac , oops , don't mind the photo on the right , I mean , so in love with his new role as the black Mike Bibby in coach Rick Alderman's system !

Thursday, November 15

The Art Of Being Assertive.

Half of Raptorland are up in arms over TJ Ford's taking the last 3 point shot in last night's game. What else is new ? TJ took the previous 3 pt. shot that made the game closer so his repeating the deed was not a surprise . It just that the shot did not go in resulting in the loss by the Raps to the Jazz , 88-92. One will recall that TJ was also the one who extended the game vs. the Celtics by cashing in on an incredible 25 footer . After that game which the Raps eventually lost in overtime , TJ said ' If we made the plays , you guys (sportswriters) would be saying how great we are ' . Say what you may about TJ but the guy is fearless when it comes to taking the big shots. Even last season , the small guard is not afraid to take the money shots especially in the waning seconds of the game. Are the Raptors without a more bankable guy ? Yes. Since Vince Carter left , no one seems to want the job . Not team leader Chris Bosh who I think hides in crunch times. See Bosh even hide his height in the photo on the right ! TJ Ford is indeed The Little Engine That Could .....Screw Up !
I expect TJ to be even more assertive this season . Assertive to the point of being a pain in the ass. He knows that B.C. must decide before or at the end of the season to either trade him or Jose Calderon. This being Jose's contract year , the other half of dynamic duo will surely ask either for a huge pay (more than TJ) and/or a starting role . Who knows Calderon and now Raptor garbage, Jorge Garbajosa, might join their countrymen Pau Gasol and Navarro in Madrid , err I mean , Memphis. In any case , TJ must convince the Raptors powers that be that he is the one worth keeping. That's why the beginning of this season , TJ stated as his aim to lead the NBA in assist. That means play him more , Sam . Let's just say TJ is assisting his cause by being more assertive !

TJ Ford : B.C. , I am stronger than Jose . I take my Flintstones vitamins everyday !

Wednesday, November 14

Tonight's Game Preview : Jazz Vs. Just Fine

It seems like the Raptors have found their groove. They are groovy once again especially in their last game vs. the Bulls. The Raptors' dynamic PG duo of TJ Ford and Jose Calderon combined for 23 assists . That means , they are moving and sharing the ball. But that was against an obviously uninspired Chicago team. Let's see if the Raps will show the same vigor versus the versatile Carlos Boozer , rebounding demon Paul Milsap, teardrop lartist Deron Williams and tears dropping like a baby and block artist Andrei Kirilenko. The Jazz is really a fine ballclub whereas the Raps are just fine. TO is not yet a consistently good ballclub. One should watch 3 things in this game . One is rebounding . How will a poor rebounding team like TO solve Booz , Milsap and Co ? Two is guard play . TJ is a speed demon whereas his counterpart on the other side , Williams , is more controlling. Will razzle dazzle beat jazzle ? Will Utwo (TJ&J) tire out Utah's main PG ? Lastly , who will win the battle of 3 point shooting (near) 7 footers ? Bargnani or Mehmet Okur ? I just need to look at the results in these 3 categories and I can tell the winner without looking at the scores. It's Jazz time tonight by 10 points or more . Yup. I am sure. Like Fox' Bill O' Reilly is sure he can make Mark Cuban's Iraq movie Redacted fail at the box office as he did to Robert Redford's Lions For Lambs by advocating boycott of it. Otherwise , I will boycott predicting the outcome of future NBA games !

Robert & Merryl :
O'Reilly , you can't handle the truth !
Our f
ilm's weekend box office of just $6 million was
z of Tom and not 'coz of your so called boycott !

Monday, November 12

Full Moon !

The talk of the whole Raptorland is the unheralded 27 year old , 6'8'' rookie Jamario Moon. Moon was suddenly inserted by coach Sam Mitchell in the starting 5 versus the Bulls. The Raps won that game pulling away, 107-71. Moon scored 12 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in 23 mins. of play. Who is Jamario Moon ? Moon previously played for the Harlem Globetrotters and lately the Albany Patroons in the CBA . Get this , Moon is not only a Scottie Pippen dunk-a-like (same long body too) but he can play good defense like Pippen. ' I pattern my game after MJ or Scottie ' said Jamario Moon who lives up to his name . He's a high flying (up to the moon) slam jamming dude ! . Moon is the current CBA's Defensive Player Of The Year. Coach Sam is a genius for recognizing the talent of the Missisisipi native who tried out earlier with the Lakers , the Bucks and the Cavs. Too bad that Moon starting over Jason Kapono won't mean that his $450,000 salary will leap high to come closer to the latter's $12 mil per annum pay. Although Moon can leap over the referree anytime as shown on you tube being circulated by his new fans !

Saturday, November 10

The Philadelphia Expreriments.

COY Awardee Sam Michell dug into his bags of (mixed) tricks to bring life into the struggling Raptors last night against the 75ers and escaped with a win ala Houdini (105-103) . He placed back Rasho Nestorovich in the starting 5 in place of 2nd year man Andrea Bargnani (old trick) and gave rookie Janario Moon minutes (new trick) . The 1st experiment bombed. Rasho is as mediocre as always while Bargnani's effectivity went down further . Bargs' efficiency rating in last night's game was -2 ( 9 pts./2 reb./2 ass) . One wonders how this move will affect Andrea in the long run. Can he handle the divorce from Bosh in the starting unit ? Look at the pic at the right how they share everything ! Well , there is always hitting the wall as a built in excuse. One cager still far from hitting the rookie wall is the baller often compared to Bargs , the Bucks' Yi. Although Yi's team hit a different kind of wall . The Great Wall Of China , Yao Ming . The Rockets beat the Bucks before 250 millions TV viewers in China !
The Janario Moon experiment last night has a better result. The 27 year old rookie registered 9 p/6 r/2 a in 22 mins for a +4 eff. rating. Way better than $24 mil man Kapono's - 4 rating in 19 mins. of play. I like this rating system that the NBA has adopted this year. If only the rating system's effects can be felt immedately by the players ,the NBA will be a much better league. I mean , treat the rating system just like the annual performance rating system that is applied to ordinary workers. If an employee has a shitty year - performance wise - he/she is given zero or minimal increase. Even be terminated from work.That way , players will do their best year after year and not only during his contraCt year ! Alas , as the Great Gatzby said ' the rich (athletes) are different from you and me '. To which the once great Garbo (Jorge) replied after another DNP-CD ' the playing Raptors are different from a benchwarmer like me '

Garbo : Maybe I will switch to bullfighting next year,amigo !
Bull : Ok. I'll take up basketball,amigo.That's no bullshit !

Thursday, November 8

It's Time To Push The Easy Button .

The Raptors are in mini panic mode with their 3rd successive defeats the last one at the hands of their favorite whipping boys last season , the Orlando Magic (96-105). What's is wrong Sam ? I know. Remember Sam . I am your unofficial (and unpaid) Assistant coach whether you like it or not .

1. The Eastern Conference teams this season are tougherer. What are automatic wins before are not anymore. The Celts , the Bucks and the Magic are exponentially betterrer this season .While the Raps remained stagnant . Yes , stagnant and repugnant at B.C.'s ineptitude. Take for instance the Jason Kapono and Carlos Delfino additions. One guy used to do the defense and offense at the same time before. That man - Mo Pete . Nice move B.C.. No Pete = KapoNo + DelfiNo ! Look at Mo Pete ( right photo) teach a boy how to attack B.C. when the Raps visit New Orleans !

2. Toronto is very predictable . Notice how the Raptors are running the same plays familiar to the opposing teams and not only to ex Raptors Asst. coach Jim Todd who is now back in Milwaukee. Todd said after the mauling the Bucks gave the Raptors ' he had a very good handle of what the Raptors do '. Everyone has. Watching the Raptors run their plays is like seeing Raptors Rewind except that they are at the short end of the score. BTW, why do you think Todd left the Raps' bench to return to the Bucks for the same position ? Is it the reported pension ? How about spreading the wealth , Sam . Now that your top Assistant has left , show your real stuff , COY awardee .

3. Ball movement does'nt mean moving the ball up and down. Last season , opposing coaches raved about how the Raps play unselfish ball. They pass the ball like it's a hot potato never letting it rest more than a few secs in one man's hands. Not this season so far. Be it TJ , Jose , Delfino and even Bosh. They all want to driible and/or shoot. Let me guess why . TJ wants to increase his minutes ( how can TJ be the assist leader in the NBA - TJ's aim this year- if Jose takes 1/2 of his playing time). Jose on the other hand, is in his contract year . Say what you want about teamwork, Jose is ready to be the primero guardia in the NBA and he is going to push the envelope not only the ball . What about Delfino ? Contract year . Kapono ? He must justify his giant $24 mil contract or he will a shortlived Raptor like Jones before him. Bosh ? He must live up to his NBA 1st Team All Star billing or else KG , Z Bo and some other newcomers in the Eastern Conference will get his slot . Should I continue ....

So go ahead Sam . Make Raptors basketball easy to the eyes once again. Push the Easy button ..... or you will be push out of coaching the Raptors soon !

Tuesday, November 6

Tonight's Game Preview : Yipee ! Yi Vs Andrea !

Chuck Swirsky said in his radio program this afternoon that one of the sub plot of the Raptors-Bucks game tonight is the battle between 2 young beanpoles .The match featuring Andrea Bargnani and Yi Jianlian . To millions of fans in China , it is the feature presentation. Especially Yi Jianlian. Bargs and Yi are playalike. They even have the same body structure. The both can run like deers .Or more like girraffes 'coz of their height. Yi and Bargs are tremendous 3 point shooters. But that is where their similarities end. Andrea is as dry as a dry gin tonic while Yi is intense . Not KG intense but intense nevertheless. In the game versus the Bulls last Saturday , Yi was giving the Tiger Wood fist pumps after every 3 point basket. Then , Yi was highfiving everybody during timeouts . So unlike countryman Yao Ming when he was new in the NBA, Well , you can say that Yi is as Italian as Bargnani . He talks with his arms and hands !
According to the Bucks' TV sportcaster in last week's home opener , some 200 million Chinese watched the Bucks' game vs. the Bulls. The estimated number of people is likely based on the number of basketball playing people in China. 200 million ? Not a Chinaman's chance. Based on my estimate, that number is just too much. In an informal survey of Chinese in my neighborhood - 10 all in all - , 2 played mahjong during Saturday's game . Another 2 were busy playing poker while a couple more went to the Niagara Casino . Yes , there were 2 busy with the NBA ..... busy betting who will win in the NBA Live by EA Sports !

Mao : There will be no NBA team in China. Stern won't allow gambling in the NBAwhile the Chinese loves to gamble .'Wanna bet ?

Crack Is Showing And It's Not Sam's .

It was a real shock that the normally quiet Raptor named Jorge Garbajosa complaining that he does'nt get the playing time like he got last season. ' I'm healthy and I'm ready ' said Garbo to Steve Buffery of the Sun.You wonder if Garbo and Steve did this interview over bottles of cervesa in a dimly lighted bar somewhere in TO. How come no other sportswriters were able to get this scoop. It's huge for numerous reasons. First, it proves that Jorge is not Djanggo or some a monosylabic hombre from a Clint Eastwood's spaghetti western. Second , that Garbo loves the game of basketball eventhough is his native country he is called the porno king (no kidding). I wonder if the photo at right was taken from one of his x rated movies ? And lastly and more significantly, that the Raptors' vaunted team chemistry is a chemical lovefest after all . Cracks are starting to show. Somehow , a team that mimicks Pres. Bush's Iraq coalition will eventually disintegrate. Let's see. Spain was the 1st to abandon the so called coalition of the willing. Don't be surprised if Garbo will ask for a trade if his situ does not improve. The Lakers will be a good destination for him . Jorge can perform the same role as Canadian and ex Laker Rick Fox. Phil Jackson loves big , tall guards who can perform many roles. Then , the Brits will go out of Iraq starting next year. Hmmm. Will Jose Calderon be it or TJ Ford will be traded to enable the Raps to sign Jose to a lucrative contract Depending on the 2 PGs performances this season , TJ or Jose will jettison elsewhere. Who knows , Memphis may be Jose's destination joining Gasol and Navarro there. In return the Raps will get the rook Mike Conley . Well , who is Canada in the Raptors lineup ? Who else but Sam's boy toy , Derek Martin. Martin is with Uncle Sam Mitchell just as Canada is forever with Uncle Sam !

Sam : Derek , I want you clean the players' locker room !

Sunday, November 4

Today's Preview : Raps Vs. Cs . R-E-S-P-E-C-T Game.

Dear Coach ,

This afternoon game is important. It's a game of respect with a capital letters. For the Raptors, they consider this game important to gain the much needed respect denied them by sportswriters , players and fans outside Toronto. Imagine being ranked behind the Celtics and the Nets this season despite being the reigning Atlantic Division champions ! ' We are going to show them what we realy are ' coach Sam Mitchell must have said to his men. And how his team shredded the Nets this Wenesday. To the Nets , Ass Wednesday , err I mean, Ash Wednesday came early . New Jersey has its ass kicked ! Next will be the Celtics . By 5:00 this afternoon , the Cs will cease to exist !
Respect is also in the mind of Boston. ' We are nothing ' said main man Kevin Garnett . KG said until they begin winning , they are - KG , Ray Allen and Paul Pierce - just 3 All Stars without a ring to show. Winning the NBA crown will enable them all to gain the respect afforded only the likes of Tim Duncan , D Wade , Kobe . Winning this early and against the AD champs is the 1st step towards respectability .
Here is what I think will happen . Both teams will gain respect after the game. The young Raps will beat the old Celtics . The 20's Bosh , Bargnani , Ford and Co. will beat the 30 something trio of KG, Allen and the Truth. That's the truth , coach . The Raps will give the old men the respect their ages deserve !

Respectfully Yours ,

Assistant Coach

Friday, November 2

Tonight's Preview : Game 7 Of The Raptors Vs. Nets Series !

If Jose Calderon was able to deliver the pass that Richard Jefferson stole in game 6 last season , the game tonight would have been played earlier. That pass , intended for Chris Bosh , was just a microinch too low. So instead, the Nets moved on to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2nd round of the 2007 playoffs. The Raptors could had been contenders last season . Instead , there were bartenders last summer . Jose could have been the chief architect of the Raptors' march to the NBA Finals . Instead , he was the chief organizer of a bartenders' march to the streets of Madrid to protest the shortage of Tequila (see photo on the right). Now you earthlings understand why the game tonight is a much anticipated one in Raptorland . More anticipated than Derrick Martin's retirement from playing in the NBA . Anyway , I will watch out for the following :

1. Chris Bosh's minutes and performance . Maybe CB4 can play longer than the minutes (20 mins) he logged in the season opener last Wednesday . The question is , can he play betterer without Mickey More guarding and Tony Soprano watching him ? Expect Jason Collins and Josh Boone to guard Bosh . If Boone is ineffective , Jamal Magliore will attach his body to Bosh all night they will be mistaken for a conjoined twins !

2. Will the Raps roughouse VC finally ? The folks at Raptors TV said yesterday that Sam's men need to 'play Vince tough this time' Or is it rough ? . The 2 stooges said it's up to the players not the coach to be more physical to VC . If this fail , Sam then can be more spiritual to Vince ! Lord, make Vince miss his shots please !

3. Wiil about to turn to dust Darryl Armstrong, at 40 years old, be able to help the near 40 years old Jason Kidd in containing the duo of TJ Ford and Jose Calderon ? Naaah . The baller nicknamed the energizer bunny will need the equivalent of electronic Viagra to be able to help Kidd abuse women and catch up with the Raps' dynamic duo .

Here are what I think will happen tonight . Richard Jefferson will kill the Raps tonight and only the excellent guard play by TJ and Jose will give Toronto a fighting chance ! Andrea Bargnani will be euthanized , err ...I mean...neutralized especially that Bosh will be ineffective (again) in the middle.

Conjoined Twins : You can do it Jamal.
It's as easy as reading a book !