Monday, May 26

Wanted : AndyMen

There is the opportunity for the Raptors to toughen up. Rumor is that the Chicago Bulls are ready to unload Andres Nacioni once they have Beasley in the fold. 'Andy ' Nacioni is one tough bull from Pampas. He irritates opponents with his no nonsense defense and rugged offense. Just what the gooddy gooddy Raps need. Give 'em T.J. or give them puberty . The Bulls are a young bunch needing growing up. Look at J. Noah . Arrested for mj possesion. MJ ? Not Michael Jordan to Bulls fans.
Another Andy . Andy Varejao is reportedly ready to be unloaded by the Cavaliers' management. Note that in the last 2 games versus the Celtics , Big Ben Wallace was used more often by coach Brown. That means , Varejao is on the way out. Who knows how his hold out at the start of the season damaged his reputation to the Cavs management and fans . So what are you waiting for B.C. ? Move yer ass .And NOW. These 'Andys' will give your team the toughness and the rebounds sorely lacking in the Raptors arsenal. It's good to get even just Andy V. I'm sure the Portuguese/Brazilian communities in TO which normally come out every 4 years to cheer for their World Cup teams will welcome this Andy.Whether ' offensive ' Andy N or no offense Andy V. , Bryan needs to get one of these guys . Who will be Bryan's first choice ? If you ask First Choice hair saloon , you know who that is !

Wednesday, May 14

The Ghost Of Mo Pete .

Just like a line from the song ' They Don't Impress Me Much ' by Canadian Shaina Twain Okay , you are Brad Pitt. Yes , GM Colangelo , he's not as good looking as Jason Kapono , your Brad Pitt . He is just Mo Pete. but who's laughing now. ? Peterson's team , the New Orleans Hornets , are on their way to the Western Finals . Maybe The NBA Finals ! Even Charles Barkley said ' I'm going out to say that the Hornets will win tonight . They will beat the Spurs and end the series '. MP is playing a big role in getting the young team being really competitive. Coach Byron Scott rely on Mo Pete in guarding the opposing team's big guns. Against Dallas ,which N.O. dispatched in the 1st round , he guarded Josh Howard . In their on going series vs. the defending champion Spurs , Mo Pete is pitted against Manu Ginobili. Yup . Now who did JK guarded in the 1st round of the playoffs ? Kapono guarded his clothes and belongings including his beautiful wife . OK , Kapono played good offense vs. the Magic. Mo Pete is not too shabby in piling up points himself vs San Antonio. His shooting percentage in this on going series is a hhg 60%. In fact , in game 5 , Mo Pete shot 4 three pointers that broke the back of Popovich's team. So Bryan .stop name dropping like those singers .Don't tell Raps fans that J. Kap is the NBA 3 pt. shooting champ and he's a member of the NBA champion Miami Heat . Mo Pete was just fine for Raptors fans. After all , he's one of us .

Friday, May 9

TJ On The Move Again And Moi Is Still In Search Of An NBA Job ?

This is turning out to be a repeat of the Milwaukee Bucks scenario. I mean , the reason why TJ Ford was moved by the Bucks was that the management of the Bucks thought that the team had a surplus of point guards 3 years ago. The Bucks traded TJ to Toronto for Charle V and made Mo Williams their starting point guard. Now that Jose Calderon made known his desire to be a starting guard next season , the Raptors will have no choice but to let go of TJ. I bet the Raptors will hold on the the Espanol. Tsk , tsk tsk . I hate to say this , but I told you so. When the Raps acquired TJ , I wrote then that B.C. made his 1st big mistake . Not only did he failed to recognize Charlie V's value but also that Jose is a 1st rate guard worthy of a starting job. I wrote then that the Raptors just need to draft a back up point guard or get one from the free agent market. Available then were Pargo , Williams and Vaughn among talented back ups. Whew . I keep asking myself , why despite being the Nostradamus of the hoop world , I am still not hired by any NBA team or the even just the Raptors ? I'm not picky . I am willing to start at the top , say as a GM , and for a salary equal to the annual budget of a Third World nation.
Talking about nations , the US is set to elect their 1st basketball playing President. Barack Obama is almost sure to be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate and he is expected to beat Republican John Mc Cain. Obama said he will install a basketball court in the White House when he assumes office. Obama's election to the highest office in the US will be good for the game of basketball. And good for world peace too. Just imagine Obama doing basketball diplomacy with previously unreachable and recalcitrant heads of states . N. Korea's Kim Jong Il is a devoted NBA and MJ fan . Cuba's Fidel Castro is a long time fan of hoops. Even the Hamas are practioners of fastbreak basketball. Huh , what ? Just watch the Palestinians throw rocks at the Israelis like they are starting a fastbreak. Peace .

Wednesday, May 7

10 Real Reasons Why Suck Is Leaving The Raptors

No.10 Suck was denied Canadian citizenship despite what was reported in the papers. He is actually one of 40,000 missing illegals in Canada !

No.9 His prediction of 50 wins by the Raptors this season did not come true. Maybe , he said , Chicago has a betterer chance of getting that number of wins with Mike D'Antoni coaching there next season. Take that Sam .

No. 8 He is returning to Chicago to be Illinois Senator Barack Obama's play by play announcer.' Barack goes to the basket versus the whole North Carolina team ...'

.No. 7 MLSE refused to increase his reported Cdn.$ 300,000 annual salary . How can I feed my family with the current exchange rate vis a vis the American dollar ?

No. 6 Suck wants to join Chicago because he thinks the Bulls are more exciting. How many times has the mascot-Benny The Bull- been in trouble huh Dino ?

No. 5 Jamario Moon refused to give him a 'facial' , whatever that means .

No. 4 Jack Armstrong forced him to return to the States so he can take over as the voice of the Raptors. Another Gringo soon to apply for Canadian citizenship . Recession is really now in the States huh Jack ?

No. 3 He is really the 1st victim of GM Bryan Colangelo's major revamp of the Raptors. The next is the ACC mop girl.

No. 2 ACC wants to save on salami and cheese sandwich as well as onions baby onions. Have you not heard of world food crisis , Chuckee Cheese ?

And the number 1 real reason why Suck is leaving the Raptors to join the Bulls is because he is a real bullshiter !