Thursday, May 4

NBA Playoff - Day 12

Pistons Wins , RH Joins Bing And Co

Detroit122 Milwaukee 93

The Pistons put Milwaukee out of its misery by ending their series early . The Bucks were totally outclassed . You wonder if the good Senator , who owns the team , is wondering what happened to his investments. At the start of the season , everyone picked the Bucks as one of the fav to rule the East. They barely made the playoff and now this.

Richard Hamilton scored a career high in points. In fact , he joins the great Dave Bing as one of the few Pistons who had 40+ points in the playoffs. Richard kinda reminds one of Bing who also has a lean body structure. They are both as tough as they come.

Dave Bing, now 63 , was a former rookie of the year and a 7 time All Star . He was a Piston from 1966 to 1975. Bing was not only successful in basketball but in business and community service. Bing formed Bing Steel as a steel service center and has since expanded it to Bing Group , an automotive supplier with multiple plants and 1,400 employees.
Bing plans to raise $5 - $1o million to invest in equity to form a company to build upscale housing in Detroit. He targets past and current professional athletes .

Richard, you have joined Bing in Detroit's 40+ points club , you might as well join him in his new company !

James Shoots Down Wizards

Cleveland 121 Washington 120

If at first you don't succeed , try and try again. LeBron James need only to try one more time to defeat the determined Wizards team in last night's game. The first one ended when James failed to connect on his jumper. But in OT, he made sure of his shot by driving to the basket. The under the basket shot, with 3 sec left ,was executed with the outscretched arms of 2 Wizards trying to block James. Game over. The Wizards were stunned. The Cavs ecstatic .The fans overjoyed.
As usual , many of us cannot believe the poise of the man-boy James. He continues to amaze us.
What can he not do ? He scored 45 points on a variety of shots. Jeff Van Gundy has itemized them all. Six different ways James killed the Wizards.

The win by the Cavs was achieved with the help of his teammates.The 'James Gang' is what Jeff and Merv Albert called them. It's a rock band. But surely the idea came from the original James Gang of Jesse James of 1800's . By the way , Brad Pitt is shooting a movie about Jesse James right here in Canada. It's titled The Assasination Of Jesse James.

Looks like that is the only way to stop LeBron James as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LBJ you're No. 1 !

12:31 PM  
Anonymous dETROIT rOCKS said...

The Pistons is on the way to the NBA championship. Watch out whoever is on the way. They will streamroller everyone .

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Clipper Jones said...

yes, i agree. the only way to stop james is to cripple him. he's just too good and too strong for the wizards.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Washington was too gentle with LBJ.
Why don't someone do a Raja on him .
He's too free to roam the driving lane.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous bRANDON said...

The Wizards will likely play rough tonight . The Cavs smust be ready for plenty of hard fouls.

12:37 PM  

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