Thursday, April 27

NBA Playoffs - Day 5

Mercy Killing Needed

Detroit 109 Milwaukee 98

There is just one way to describe this series - boring. Actually that is a lot kinder than one Detroit newspaper reports the way the Pistons treat the Bucs. Just look at these headlines :
  • Pistons Should Put Bucs Out Of Their Misery.
  • Pistons Are Being Kind To Bucs
  • Bell Receives A Playoff Education
That last one should read , Stotts Receives A Playoff Education . The Bucs' coach placed dimunitive guard , TJ Ford , against Hamilton thinking he can handle the Rip better than Mr. Big Shot. Same result.

Milwaukee had only a dismal 16 assists for the game. Former Bucs guard , Oscar Robertson , can dish that many assists in one game. The days of the Big O and Lew Alcindor ( Kareem Abdul Jabber ) were surely missed by the Milwaukee fans that night.

Just do what the Detroit News suggested . Put the Bucs out of their misery. And spare this NBA lover as well. Or else , I'll watch hockey . Lawn hockey.

Cuban Wants Another Award.

Dallas 94 Memphis 79

Coach Avery Johnson showed why he is the NBA's best coach, tutoring The Professor , Mike Fratello , in the art of handling everything thrown your way. That is exactly what happened in this game. Good old ass whuppin'. At least it was more exciting or should I say , less boring than the Pistons - Bucs series. The Grizz was in the game for one and a half quarter before all hell broke loose.
Mavs' owner Mark Cuban has the best coach and is lobbying for the Most Valuable Player Award for Dirk Nowitzki. He did it again this time in The Best Dammed Sports Show yesterday. Dirk was awesome in the game last night. Always is. I don't think no matter what German blitzkrieg Mark tries . the MVP won't be Dirk's. Dirk has plenty of help in Jason Terry , Jerry Stackhouse ,Howard , Bowtie Dampier etc. No baller with so much bigtime players will ever get voted for MVP. Same reasoning why Mr. Big Shots , Billups , will never be MVP.

Besides , Mark Cuban has already his coach as his own MVP. Most Valuable Primate.

Lakers Fresh Plays Kill Suns

LA Lakers 99 Phoenix 93

One sign in the Phoenix reads ' Kobe This Is Nash Country '. Kobe's name is crossed. I don't know if the Laker guard saw this sign , but he sure showed the crowd who is the real MVP.
Sure Steve Nash scored a lot of points but overall it was no. 8 's show . Kobe played a controlled game . He orchestrated the effective plays designed by coach Phil Jackson and his coaching staff.
Coach Phil is proving to all that he cannot only coach a team with Jordan and Scottie , Kobe and Shaq but one with just Kobe and a serviceable crew to playoff success. I think he is better than Larry Brown who was a dismal failure as a 1st year coach of New York.
A gangling center forward of the New York Knicks during the 70's , Phil was a maverick during his playing days. Not heavy drug, crazy athlete type. But the meditative , pot smoking type.
He has managed to keep this fresh outlook up to now. In other words , he's like Hugh Hefner of the Playboy fame. Ageless.
I guess he and Hugh have something in common. They both like them young. Hugh with his Playboy wives and Phil with his basketball players.

Just don' t mix them ---->



Anonymous raptor4ever said...

I like this post. Is that Kareem Rsh and Walton ?

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Vince said...

I agree the Bucks should give up. Detroit is toying with them . It's better if its Detroit-Philadelphia.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous mike is awesome said...

Kobe was awesome last night. He should be the MVP. Kobe transformed a no name team into
a contender.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous allstarmonday said...

my prediction is the the lakers will win the series.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous rogers said...

Milwaukee will play better at home. They have too much pride to lose 4-0.

12:09 AM  

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