Tuesday, April 25

NBA Playoffs - Day 3

Wade vs Heinrich Part II

Miami 115 Chicago 108

Miami took a 2-0 lead in their series against the Bulls . The combination of Shaq and Wade plus JWill proved too much for the Bulls. Like in the first game , Wade took matters into his own hands as the Bulls tried to come back from a 20 point deficit.

An interesting sidelight to the game is the battle between no.7 pick in 2003 draft Kirk Heinrich and no. 5 pick Dwayne Wade. You can see from each others face the competitiveness of both players especially when Wade blocked Henrich's lay up ( a foul was called ) . It reminds one of the Kansas vs. Marquette battle ( see photo showing Dwayne driving between Kirk and another Kansas defender) in 2003 Final Four . Wade' s Marquette lost that one.

After the game , the camera showed a shot of an exasperated of Kirk as if saying ' if only Nick ( Kansas teammate , Nick Collison , now with Seattle ) was here '

Clips And Star Go Together

LA Clippers 98 Denver 87

The Clippers are playing like the old Lakers. You really have to blink twice to make sure you are not looking at the Lakers with Shaq , Kobe and Co. especially that this is the Staples Center . Even the coach was a former Laker's coach.
The Clips with Brand , Maggette , Mobley , Casell and the rest showed they have finally arrived leading by as much as 20+ points in the first quarter over the Nuggets. It was a masterful performance by the Clippers that the only thing missing in the Staples Center is Jack Nicholson .

There are stars in attendance - regulars Penny Marshall, Felix ' Malcom In the Middle ' Muniz and NY Yankees' lover , Billy Cyrstal . ESPN radio asked ' Malcolm ' when he started attending the Clippers game. He said he loves the Clippers and has been a long time fan of the other LA team (he hates the Lakers ) since they have Olawankandi In The Middle or something like that . A lot longer than Penny . A lot longer than Billy C. A lot longer than any stars.

That means " Malcolm" has been a loser for a long long time !
Malcolm In The Center . Staples Center.


Anonymous Josh said...

The Heat cannot seem to put Chicago away. The Bulls always managed to comeback and lose by a few points. The result may be different now that the series shift to Chicago.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

The Nuggets are dead. If they lose Game 3 , the Clippers will sweep them. All of Melo's summer work is useless.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

chicago is a never say die team !
i am very impressed.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous gAME DAY said...

I did not know that Malcolm hates the Lakers and that he is a long time Clippers lover.I thought he is a Laker fan.

7:58 PM  
Blogger coach said...

GD-Malcolm said he hates the Lakers in today's issue of LA Daily News (see link)
The Clippers thing is from the interview by ESPN.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Clip said...

Martin is suspended INDEFINITELY I think . Its all over now for Denver

10:12 AM  

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