Tuesday, April 18

Double Burger

The McDonald's HS Dunk Competition held in San Diego was shown in Canada last Sunday . It was interesting especially the finals between local star Chase Budinger and Gerald Henderson, son of former Celtics guard of the same name. Budinger made 2 perfect dunks in the prelim only to lose to Henderson in the finals when the Arizona commited baller , who is also a volleyball star, failed to duplicate his feat. But boy , that white man can jump !
The young Henderson , who calls Dr. J , Uncle Julius , is commited to go to Duke. He reminds me of his father except that he is not skinny. He has an NBA body even at his early age. Gerald is expected to be an awesome freshman according to the assistant coaches in Duke. Early comparison to another Duke player , Corey Maggette , is made.
The elder Henderson made his place in NBA history with a spectacular steal of an inbound pass
by Laker's James Worthy with 18 seconds left in of Game 2 of the 1980 Finals. The Celts went on to beat the Lakers .
The kins of former NBA players have the advantage over others . The coming years will see the influx of a new batch of ' these ' players . Sometimes it can be bad too. One of the 3 basketball playing Barry brothers (only 2 are left in the NBA , and soon 1 ) , once noticed that a player from the opposing team was giving him a rough time. Finally the young Barry asked the dude ' why are you giving me a hard time'. ' It's not you, it's your old man ( basketball great turned sportscaster Rick Barry ) . ' He always criticized the way I played ' the dude complained.

Vince Set New Nets Season Scoring Record.

Vince Carter erased Bernard King's record in the New Jersey Nets record books by scoring 16 points in a no bearing game vs. the Philadelpia 76ers last night. Stars from both teams - J Kidd and Richard Jefferson for the Nets and Allan Iverson and C Webb did not play.
Former Raptor Lamond Murray topscored for New Jersey with 19 points. Coach Lawrence Frank seems to be utilizing him a lot in the past few games. Murray has responded well especially in last night's games .
His outside shots were terrific just like his shots during his Cavalier days . There was a noticeable zeal in his movements. We always want the former Raps to do well. As long as they don't do well when playing against the Raptors.
Another former Raptor , Michael Bradley played a few minutes and scored 2 points for Philadelpia despite coach Mo Cheeks' treatment of this as some sort of an evaluation game for the bench players. I am afraid Bradley's days as 76ers are numbered. He was truly a disappointment for the Raptors. He was never able to adopt to the fast paced style of pro basketball. As a Raps rookie , he seemed lost. Like a deer caught in a headlight . Oh well . there is always the D league. I don't mean the deer league.


Anonymous Long Shot Sally said...

I remember Bradley. He is really a downer. Looks like a loser .Even his photo.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Game Boy said...

good researh on the sons and brothers of NBA star. thank you.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous All Star Jonse said...

The next big star in 7'1'' Greg Olden . I saw him in the All Star game and I think teams will go after him. I hope he stays in college for at least 2 years.
The Raptors better keep an eye on him.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous snake jones said...

murray is an excellent scorer given the chance. maybe as as net he will be back to form. he should feel at home there with college teamate jason kidd.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous ABOVE THE RIM said...

Your posts about ex Raptors Murray and Bradley are very kind. I don't think they need a second chance. Time to let others shine !

9:42 AM  

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