Sunday, April 16


Next season will see the rebirth of Alvin Williams. Alvin's ressurection will either be with a bang or like the planned quiet Scientology birth of TomKitten , the little baby of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes . I'm afraid this rebirth will not happen in a Raptors uniform.
Raptor fans believe in Alvin. Goods unseen. For as they say , Blessed are the fans who have not seen but believe. They believe that Alvin will rise from the dead(ball) to play again.
If only Sam gave him a chance . Play Alvin a few minutes at the start until he feels strong again. Slowly. But alas, the opportunity is gone with 1 playing day left.
What is it with Sam ? Sam hates veterans for some reason. Except Timberwolves vet. Look at how he treated Jalen and Aaron Williams . He should realize, they added , that the Raptors, in a shorter period of time, did better than the Timberwolves which cannot go past the 1st round of the playoff for so many seasons.
Some old Raptors can still contribute. A healthy Alvin will still be better than any of the present guards in the line up. He is Mr. Big Shot before Billups got that nickname. He plays hurt and is a very reliable PG. Alvin can hit the 3 pt.shot as well as drives to the basket. But what the previous coaches liked about him is that he can play 'D'. A tall point guard (6-5" ) fast enough to chase the tiny guards of the opposite team.
Alvin is the longest serving Raptor . He was almost traded to Boston for Danny Fortson but the trade rescinded because of some concerns by the Celtics management .
Avin came from Portland Trailblazers via the Damon Studomaire trade after playing for Villanova in college.
It's likely that he will try to hook up with New Jersey to join Vince , as a replacement for crazy Jeff Mcinnis, or return to his native Philadelphia.
But then again , maybe the new coach will give him a Lazarus like ressurection.


Anonymous Game Day said...

I liked to see Alvin in a Raptors uniform next season .

11:56 AM  
Anonymous bring back alvin said...

Alvin deserves another chance with the Raptors . He stuck with the team during its lowest moments. Now the the Raps need to show him some love back.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

Forget it . Alvin is not the old Alvin. Its very hard to recover the old magic at that age coming from a knee injury.
Time to hang those shoes, old geezer!

2:57 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

Alvin will be back so watch out.
The Raps will be making a big mistake if they release him.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous ABOVE THE RIM said...

i doubt if alvin can recover. i think he is better off working inthe raptors organization like junkyard dog. just leave the game to the young ones.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Mike James Is Awesome said...

Alvin shd. go try his luck with other teams.I am sure he still have gas left in his tank.New Jersey is a good fit as a back up to Jason Kidd.

5:49 PM  

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