Friday, April 7

Vince's Line

The Nets extended their winning streak to 14 games as NJ beats Charlotte , 113-102 ,
Vince had an easy 20/6/6 . He let Richard Jefferson take the limelight. Don't get used to it , Richard !

Wacky GM

Here is the 3rd member of our fantasy Raptures TV team as assembled by your Wacky GM . She is none other than Norma Witch. She is beautiful but deadly. Although a lot less feisty now , she can still be bewitchingly wicked. Again , we consulted the wikepedia for definition.

Norma Witch

- mike hugger and coach bugger
- does interview with a view
- the hostess with the mostest...baggage
- pest to assistant coaches
- eavesdropper during timeouts


Anonymous cb4 said...

If N.Witch is the one who I think she is , the wiki is accurate in its description.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous sv said...

Norma is OK. Only sometimes, her intro to her questions is too long.

7:03 PM  

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