Tuesday, April 4

Toronto 120 Boston 124

Toronto closed its series with Boston at 1-3 following a loss tonight. It was a one of the games which detemines lottery positions although mathematically speaking . the Celtics still have a chance to make the playoffs.
The expected funfare did not happen when Gerald Green entered the game in the 2nd quarter.
I guess the grudge was only the product of the sportswriters and TV people' s minds.
Mike James tried to tone down his gun happy image. Maybe the criticisms got to him. He played a controlled game and tried passing than shooting the ball. However , you cannot count these passes as assists , until your teammates make the basket. More often than not thats what happened. Eric Williams missed plenty of open shots created by James' penetration.
Pape Sow's name got a lot of mention from Leo Rautins. I counted the number of times he heaped praises on Pape and it went to about 10 times in the 8 min. span he was in in the first quarter of the game. Even the most ordinary play was turned into something special by Leo . Wonder why ? I don't think that Pape's contract is up.
MoPete finished with a game high 32 pts. followed by Mike James with 22 and Charlie V. with 14 pts.

Vince's Line

Vince Carter scored 27 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in New Jersey's 96- 94 win over Atlanta for its 13th consecutive victory.
With the win , the Nets clinched the Atlantic Division.

Wacky GM

Here's the next character in our imaginary Ruptures team . His name is Leo Rant , the second man of the TV team. He is supposed to be the basketball ANALyst . Let wikipedia define him.

Basketball ANALyst


- really ANAL , all capital letters.
- analyzes this, analyzes that, analyzes everything that moves

- makes one think that he is the second coming of Howard Cosell
but he is more like Sam Casell.

- listening to him makes you feel like you are in a basketball clinic
after which , you feel like going to the doctor's clinic.
- the reason why the mute button is there on your remote control


Anonymous sv said...

Leo's nagging comments are really irritating. Sometimes, you'll wonder who's side his on.

7:32 PM  
Blogger coach said...

I think he has toned down his negative comments although he still nags.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Jesse James said...

James should shoot more . There were a lot of open shots available last night.I think he should not mind what some people were saying . He's doing well before. By changing his game , the team suffers.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Tommy said...

MoPete and James played well. I do not see how we can win without an effective center . Pape Sow is not a 5 no matter how some of the fans pushed for him. He is too small to man the middle. I hope the draft wii give us one or maybe via trade.

11:29 AM  

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