Saturday, April 1

The expected heavyweight battle between LSU's Jai Lewis and George Mason's Big Baby Thomas is now kaput. Their teams were eliminated, no make that obliterated , by Florida and UCLA in the Final Four .

Big Baby Thomas

The scores for both games were not pretty. Or should I say the margins of victories were pretty ... pretty wide.
I was hoping to see 310 lb. Big Baby Thomas 'wrestle' with 260 lbs. Jai Lewis battling each other. Mano a mano. Pound for pound.
It would have been a sight to see. Can't miss . Like 2 elephants fighting . Or 2 Monster trucks colliding in a demolition derby . Or Godzilla vs. Kingkong. Maybe next year.

Juno Award

The choice of Pamela Andersson to host this year's Juno awards was not OK to many. The Canadian version of the Grammy will be on today , April 2, 2006. ' If people want to see skimpy clothes and fake boobs , then she's the right choice ' said one TV commentator. ' She is more appropriate to be the emcee of the porno award ' adds another. Obviously pertaining to the home sex video she did with then
husband Tommy Lee which found its way to the video market. I guess the fact that Pamela's former husband being the drummer of Motley Crew does qualify her.
Of course former lover , Kid Rock , is another one with connection to the music industry. The hip hop artist, aside from Eminem , is the only successful white artist in an industry dominated by African - AmericanKid Rock is also a Detroit Pistons supporter. That is the reason he is in this blog. He is the Motor City's answer to LA's Jack Nicholson .The towel waving resident of Michigan is identified with the blue collar image of the Pistons


Anonymous Raptor4ever said...

Awesome post today

10:59 PM  
Anonymous ABOVE THE RIM said...

Panela rocks.She' s not a bas chico . Go PAM , show 'em what you 've got.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous baller said...

Kid Rock is better than Eminen . Mich better.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Tommy said...

Pam did a good _ _ _ _job at the Juno.

10:43 PM  

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