Saturday, March 25

Top Ten ( with apologies to David Letterman )
Top 10 Reasons Why Antonio Davis Asked A Waiver From Raptors Management
1. He is told by Kendra that his teenage twins are becoming conjoined.
2. Kendra warned him that if he doesn't come home, he will divorce him and marry Michael Axelrod Jr.
4. A.D. worries that he is not only being immersed in Canadian system now but Latino as well.
5. He is pissed off that Jose Calderon addresses him as Senor Antonio when calling a play for him..
6. His daughter hates Dora The Explorer . Bonita es estupida.
7. There is no more G. Grunwald to negotiate with regarding his new contract. G is for generous
8. He wants to go back to his dysfunctional family. No, not with Kendra , but with the Knicks.
9. He enjoys exchanging places with Jalen Rose for the 3rd time .
10. He wants to negotiate with I. Thomas regarding his new contract. I is for Indiscriminate Spender.
Oscar Weekend
I watched this movie Crash which snared the Best Movie award over heavily favored Brokeback Mountain . A come from behind really. I enjoyed the movie. It tackles racial issues.
The Raptors other ' bigs ' ( Araujo , Sow , Woods ) continued failure to 'crash' the board puts the team short in the rebounding department
Mark Cuban company's film Enron- The Smartest Guys In The Room failed to win in the Best Documentary category. I know that M.C. was in the awards night , but I was surprised to see Coach Nelson sitting behind George Clooney . No wonder he lost. Should have brought Avery.


Anonymous cb4 said...

i love the top 10 .Thanks

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Vince said...

Toronto's big guys except Bosh and Villanueva are useless.Pape has 1 respectable game and suddenly , everyone is talking as if he is the second coming of shaq.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

Give more playing time for Woods.
He is being wasted sitting on the bench. He is long and can block shots.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with raptor4ever. Sam needs to use Woods more often.

Davis is better off staying home with Kendra than playing basketball.

8:22 PM  

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